brannigan's building construction for the fire service

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Chapter 1 - Introduction
A departments sops should provide...,
What goes beyond the prefire plan...,
What has tremendously increased d...
3  cards
Chapter 2 - Concepts of Construction
The greatest enemy of all firefig...,
The majority of buildings are wha...,
4 types of forces applied to a st...
97  cards
Chapter 3 - Methods and Materials of Construction, Renovation, and Demolition
Regulates the actual design and c...,
Applies to the renovation alterat...,
Regulates the activities that tak...
46  cards
Chapter 8 - Wood-frame Construction
Lumber that is 8 in or more in it...,
What type of walls do post and fr...,
In what type of building do the s...
42  cards
Chapter 9 - Heavy Timber and Mill Construction
What can potentially be an area o...,
What is the most common modern he...,
What is the minimum dimension for...
21  cards
Chapter 4 - Building and Fire Codes
1915 and was used in the north an...,
1922 and was used in the west and...,
1945 and was used in the southeast
32  cards
Chapter 5 - Fire Behavior and Building Construction
Four essential elements for a fire,
Phenomenon in which combustible m...,
Vertical spread of fire on the ex...
40  cards
Chapter 6 - Features of Fire Protection
A quality ascribed to a wall floo...,
The resistance of a structural me...,
These structures are protected wi...
81  cards
Chapter 7 - Non-Fire Building Systems
What is the lower explosive limit...,
What are single or multiple stran...,
A 3 gauge wire will carry how man...
52  cards
Chapter 10 - Ordinary Construction
Chief common characteristic of or...,
What plastic structural members a...,
What are a hint that a cockloft e...
68  cards
Chapter 11 - Noncombustible Construction
What is the main difference betwe...,
Maximum height of non combustible...,
The most prevalent material for n...
79  cards
Chapter 12 - Fire-Resistive Construction
Fire resistive construction is co...,
Concrete after mixed sets but it ...,
What retards the curing of concrete
53  cards
Chapter 13 - Firefighting Concerns of Green Construction
Green construction is also known as,
Six objectives of the leed program,
What are the four categories of g...
15  cards

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brannigan's building construction for the fire service

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