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Accurate language and correct ter...,
Each year approximately _________...,
Prefire planning is a crucial com...
15  cards
Chapter 2: Concepts of Construction
The wall the typically has the hi...,
The type of connection that allow...,
There are numerous types of beams...
65  cards
Chapter 3: Methods and Materials of Construction, Renovation, and Demolition
Which type of wood panel has all ...,
Which stone is particularly subje...,
At what temperature does structur...
57  cards
Chapter 4: Building and Fire Codes
The occupant load factor used for...,
The americans with disabilities a...,
According to table 4 2 nfpa 5000 ...
57  cards
Chapter 5: Features of Fire Protection
1 all of the following are ways t...,
2 which of the following has neve...,
3 how many deaths resulted from t...
65  cards
Chapter 6: Wood Frame Construction
1 which of the following is not a...,
2 what is another name for mortis...,
3 what is the common vertical mea...
66  cards
Chapter 7: Heavy Timber and Mill Construction
1 why are iron connectors used on...,
2 why do heavy timber buildings u...,
3 where should special hazards be...
20  cards
Chapter 8: Ordinary Construction
1 what is the construction classi...,
2 what is another name for the vo...,
3 what is the general rule with r...
67  cards
Chapter 9: Noncombustible Construction
1 what is the prevalent material ...,
2 which of the following would be...,
3 what is the fire departments he...
67  cards
Chapter 10: Fire Resistive Construction
1 concrete is weak in tensile str...,
2 as which type of material is co...,
3 which type of concrete construc...
67  cards
Chapter 11: Specific Occupancy Details and Hazards
1 which of the following would be...,
2 when gypsum board is heated by ...,
3 if a firewall is permitted to e...
66  cards
Chapter 12: Collapse
1 how tall was the south tower of...,
2 which of the following was not ...,
3 where did the aircraft impact t...
20  cards

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