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4.1.1a Growing economies
What are the indicators of growth,
What are the five largest economies,
How is economic growth measured
7  cards
4.1.1b indicators of growth
What is the main measure of econo...,
How to calculate gross domestic p...,
As gdp per capita rises it is als...
8  cards
4.1.2 International trade and business growth
Define exports,
Define imports,
What makes up the balance of paym...
15  cards
4.3.1 marketing strategy
Name the three type of marketing ...,
Describe ethnocentric marketing,
Advantages and disadvantages of e...
7  cards
4.2.3 Assessment of a country as a production location
Factors that effect production lo...,
Describe the costs of production ...,
Describe skills and availability ...
10  cards
4.4.2 Ethics
Ethics include,
Describe pay and working conditio...,
Describe marketing considerations
9  cards
4.4.3 Controlling MNCs
What factors affect the control o...,
Describe political influences,
Describe legal control
9  cards
4.4.1 The impact of MNCs
Impact of mncs on the national ec...,
Impact of mncs on the local economy,
Define mnc
12  cards
4.3.3 Cultural/social factors
Factors included with cultural fa...,
Describe cultural differences,
Describe different tastes
7  cards
4.3.2 niche markets
What is cultural diversity,
Global market niches are,
Other common features of global n...
7  cards
4.2.5 global competitiveness
The impact of movements in exchan...,
Competitive advantage through cos...,
Competitive advantage through dif...
4  cards
4.2.4 reasons for global mergers and joint ventures
Reasons for global mergers and jo...,
Describe global merger,
Describe joint venture
8  cards
4.2.2 assesment of a country as a market
Assessment of a country as a mark...,
Describe the ease of doing business,
Describe infrastructure
9  cards
4.2.1 condidtions of prompt trade
What is a push factor,
Saturated markets occur when,
What are pull factors
8  cards
4.1.5 trading blocs
What are trade blocs,
What are the types of trading blocs,
Describe preferential trade areas
13  cards
4.1.4 protectionism
What is protectionism,
Arguments in favour of protection...,
Describe infant industries
13  cards
4.1.3 factors contributing to increased globalisation
Globalisation is the process of,
Globalisation usually includes th...,
Factors contributing to increased...
11  cards

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