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Airway Clearance Techniques
What are the three phases of acti...,
What does active cycle breathing ...,
What is breathing control in acti...
24  cards
Anatomy of Cardiovascular System
Great vessels of the heart,
What are the three major arteries...
26  cards
Ankle Brachial Index
What is the ankle brachial index,
What is the main procedure for th...,
How would you interpret an abi ra...
7  cards
Arterial Blood Gasses
Why are arterial blood gasses col...,
What readings would give the pers...,
What readings would give you an i...
18  cards
Blood Pressure
Which artery is occluded when tak...,
How can a bp cuff that is too sma...,
How fast should you decrease the ...
9  cards
Breath and Voice Sounds
What is the purpose of assessing ...,
How are lung and breath sounds ch...,
What is the procedure for taking ...
19  cards
Breathing Exercises
What are the indications for diap...,
What are the precaution contraind...,
What is the procedure for diaphra...
34  cards
Cardiac Rehabilitation
What are the goals of cardiac reh...,
What are the clinical indications...,
What are the contraindications fo...
33  cards
Common Diagnostic Procedures
What is the purpose of ambulatory...,
What is an angiography and what i...,
What is a bronchoscopy and what i...
22  cards
What is the purpose of a 12 lead ecg,
What are the electrode locations ...,
What are the electrode placements...
42  cards
Exercise Prescription
What is measured during an exerci...,
What are the absolute indications...,
What are the relative indications...
12  cards
Heart Rate
How long should you palpate a pul...,
Where should you palpate to find ...,
Where should you palpate to find ...
12  cards
Heart Sounds
Where are the 4 designated auscul...,
What does the s1 heart sound corr...,
What does the s2 heart sound corr...
9  cards
Metabolic Equivalents
In a normal patient how many mets...,
What walking activities would you...,
What kind of self care household ...
11  cards
Lab Values
What is the significance of ck mb...,
What are the two specific markers...,
How long does cardiac troponin 1 ...
22  cards
Medical Procedures
What is an atherectomy,
What is an automatic implantable ...,
What is a balloon angioplasty
23  cards
Cardiac Pathology
What is an aneurysm what are the ...,
What is angina pectoris what are ...,
What is atherosclerosis
19  cards
Pulmonary Pathology
What is acute respiratory distres...,
How does ards happen,
What are the two classes of medic...
15  cards
CardioPulmonary Pharmacology
What are alpha adrenergic antagon...,
What are angiotensin converting e...,
What are angiotensin 2 receptor a...
23  cards
Cardiopulmonary Physiology
What is the normal pacemaker of t...,
How does a nerve impulse travel a...,
What are baroreceptors where are ...
17  cards
Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale
What is another name for the rpe ...,
What are the two main rpe scales,
On the original rpe scale what nu...
12  cards
What 4 things are assessed in a c...,
What is the normal rrr for health...,
What is the normal rrr for health...
16  cards
Pulmonary Function Tests
What is measured during a pulmona...,
How do you conduct a pulmonary fu...,
What measurement would be the pri...
9  cards
Lung Volumes and Capacities
Vital capacity vc,
Residual volume rv,
Tidal volume tv
13  cards

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