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Phys lecture 1: Cardiac excitation contraction
Describe the parasympathetic and ...,
Describe the conduction system of...,
Why does the av node need to slow...
37  cards
Phys Lecture 2: Cardiac Cycle
When atrial pressure is greater t...,
What prevents regurgitation of bl...,
When the left ventricular pressur...
34  cards
Phys Lecture 3 and 4: Regulation of CO
What mainly determines arterial r...,
T or f ventricular output influen...,
What defines ventricular output a...
27  cards
Phys Lecture 5: Application of Ohm's Law
Why are our organs arranged in pa...,
What is the formula for flow q,
Blood flow is regulated by changi...
41  cards
Phys Lecture 6: Microcirculation
How is blood flow regulated throu...,
How does co2 and o2 pass thru the...,
How does water and small solutes ...
30  cards
Phys Lecture 7, 8, 9: Regulation of BP
What are the 4 rapidly responding...,
Where are the baroreceptors in ou...,
Where do the barocrecptors send t...
53  cards
CV Histology
What are the layers of the wall o...,
What is the principal largest car...,
Describe the composition of the e...
68  cards
Cardio Embryology (Khan ?'s only)
These are Khan's questions.
55  cards
Staph Micro Lecture 1
Staphlococcus tend to form cluste...,
Streptococci tend to form cluster...,
How to gram and gram stain with g...
80  cards
Hemodynamic Disorders Lecture 1
What is the volume of blood in th...,
What is the pressure of the blood...,
What and ml of blood in the left ...
56  cards
Hemodynamic Disorders Lecture 2
An 80 year old black male has a h...,
He presents with increasing dyspn...,
His temperature is 37 heart rate ...
32  cards
Hemodynamic Disorder Lecture 3
Why is infective endocarditis so ...,
Right sided infective endocarditi...,
Myocardial abscess
34  cards
Hemodynamic Disorder Word Documents 1, 2, and 3
What is the pressure of the right...,
What 2 things represent preload,
The resitance the ventricle must ...
131  cards
Newman: Questions for CV disease and CAD
What are the determinants of bp,
The ability of the arterioles to ...,
What substances can increase vasc...
84  cards
Vaso vasorum,
Erosion vs ulceration,
Foam cells
45  cards
Myocardial Ischemia and Infarction
Reversible inadequate blood supply,
What is myocardial ischemia due to,
Myocytes that look normal by micr...
60  cards
Heart Sounds for Syndromes
Crecendo decrecendo systolic murm...,
Apical holosytoic pan systolic mu...,
Apical holosytoic pan systolic mu...
6  cards
Aortic and Peripheral Arterial Diseases (Nichols)
An abnormal localized dilation of...,
What layers of a vessel are involved,
How is a false aneurysm different...
65  cards
clinical presentations
Sudden pain between scapulae,
Sudden severe sharp tearing anter...,
Sudden dull chest pain
51  cards
Strep Micro Lecture 2
The three strep that are most imp...,
Strep grows in what conformation,
What types of strep are alpha hem...
78  cards
EKG (Newman)
44  cards
Valve Disease (Newman)
2 causes of endocarditis,
What determines the integrity of ...,
A narrowing of an orifice lumen
55  cards
Vasculitis and Complications of MI (Nichols)
Heterogeneous group of inflammato...,
What is the most specific sign of...,
Acute necrotizing inflammatory di...
43  cards
Pericardial Diseases (Newman and Nichols)
What is the mechanism of pulsus p...,
What happens to a healthy lv when...,
What is the normal amt of serous ...
42  cards
Miscellaneous Heart Disease
Diverse group of heart diseases i...,
What are the 3 functional classes...,
A group of genetic diseases shari...
42  cards
The pathophysiology of congenital heart disease
What are the 3 general etiologies...,
What are the common genetic syndr...,
What are the common environmental...
23  cards
Misc Sweatman Pharm
Did these quickly as I studied, sorry if some are bizzarre half-thoughts
111  cards
More drugs
Anti-HTN Anti-Anginal
80  cards
Acute HF (Newman)
3 neurohumoral systems activated ...,
Major determinants of afterload,
3 contraindications to heart tran...
22  cards
Chronic HF (Newman)
Inability of the heart to deliver...,
Hf is a syndrome of _______ dicta...,
What type of hypertrophy can caus...
20  cards
Cardiac Overload (Nichols)
How many cells thick is t intima,
Aka necrotic core,
Neutrophils indicate ______ reach...
16  cards

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