cardiovascular & respiratory pharmacology (karen)

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Drugs affecting heart rate and arrhythmias/dysrhythmias
What are the psns targets of the ...
43  cards
Drugs affecting cardiovascular system (blood pressure)
High blood pressure is,
Chronic bp 140 90mmhg is a risk f...,
33  cards
Drug regulation of serum lipids
31  cards
Treatment of Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD)
What is variant or vasospastic an...,
What is the concern in crescendo ...,
What happens to arterioles when t...
27  cards
Chemical Transmission in the Nervous System
Action potentials are propagated ...,
How is excitation targeted pharma...,
How is nt synthesis targeted phar...
40  cards
Drugs affecting neurotransmitters
Which nervous systems elicit chol...,
How does botox function,
How is ache modulated
26  cards
Local Hormonal Mediators
What are exosomes,
What are the methods of chemical ...,
What restricts local mediators
39  cards
Lipid Mediators
What is the structure of arachido...,
From where is arachidonic acid ma...,
How is arachidonic acid stored
39  cards
Drugs affecting coagulation
Thrombus forms,
Clot forms,
Coagulation is
43  cards
Drugs influencing cardiac structure and function
What are the adverse effects of d...,
By what mechanism does sns stimul...
34  cards
Drugs affecting kidney function
What are the roles of the kidney,
How does drug elimination occur,
51  cards
Selective Toxicity Mechanisms
What do drugs that kill bacteria ...,
Ribosomes are targeted by which d...,
Membranes are targeted by which d...
20  cards
Why arent antihistamines useful i...,
Where are mast cells found,
What triggers mast cells to be ac...
23  cards
Drugs affecting airway structure and function
What causes the inflammation in a...,
What is the pathogenesis of airwa...,
What do relievers target
30  cards
Drugs affecting airway and lung remodelling
What is the function of glucocort...,
What is the mechanism of action o...,
When are gcs indicated in asthma
26  cards

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cardiovascular & respiratory pharmacology (karen)

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