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Signs of child abuse,
Bruises suspicious of abuse,
Patterned bruises
27  cards
Acute Medicine
Define sepsis severe sepsis septi...,
Sirs criteria,
5 common causes of hyperkalemia
9  cards
Airways and Respiratory
What are the causes of bronciolitis,
Apnea risk factors in bronchiolitis,
Admission criteria in bronchiolitis
71  cards
Anaphylaxis and allergy
Risk of death,
Emergency rx of anaphylaxis,
3  cards
Features suggesting instability i...,
Anti arrhythmic medications class...,
Other na channels blocker drugs
233  cards
Common ER Presentations
Indications for admission in syncope,
Ix for syncope,
D c instructions for pt with syncope
52  cards
Measures to improve patient safety,
What to tell the family in case o...,
Your community hospital has been ...
9  cards
Endocrine & Metabolic
Rx of thyrotoxic storm meds,
Spesific rx of myxodema coma,
Clinical features of adrenal crisis
27  cards
Poor px factors for heat stroke,
Rx of trench foot,
Long term complications of immers...
22  cards
Ethics_Brain death_Organ donation
Brain death clinical prerequisite...,
List 5 exam findings compatible w...,
List 2 potential contraindication...
12  cards
Features of fb that will not pass...,
Complications of stuck fb,
Indications for urgent endoscopy ...
42  cards
Complications post chemorx,
Electrolytes disturbances of tumo...,
Ddx of monoarthritis
75  cards
Infectious & Dermatology
Historical and physical red flags...,
Ddx of petichiae,
Ddx of petichiae in a febrile pat...
86  cards
Management & Abuse
Name 5 differences to consider wh...,
What might you get started on the...,
What are the typres of blast inju...
11  cards
Ddx of headache n v
1  cards
Ottawa knee rules,
What important items in the hx of...,
Kocher criteria for hip septic ar...
4  cards
What are the triad associated wit...,
Triad suggestive central vertigo,
Triad of normal pressure hydrocep...
72  cards
Risk factors for ectopic pregnancy,
First trimester bleeding,
History for vaginal bleeding in e...
148  cards
Ophtalmology, ENT, Dental
Aside from historical features of...,
The epistaxis persists along with...,
What is the next most appropriate...
39  cards
Orthopedics_Procedural Sedation
Complications of ketamine,
What determine good reduction in ...,
What determines unstable elbow di...
76  cards
Sick neonate evaluation,
Congenital heart dis what are the...,
What are three ductal dependent c...
108  cards
What are the signs suggesting nor...,
What are some advantages and limi...
5  cards
Chest tube size in a child calcul...,
When performing a fast exam and a...,
Where is the best place to insert...
8  cards
List 7 physical exam findings con...,
What are 3 life threatening compl...,
What are 3 other features of anor...
21  cards
Indications for dialysis in lithi...,
List the ecg changes potentially ...,
List risk factors for toxicity in...
177  cards
Indications for laparotomy in sta...,
Name 3 patient or wound character...,
There is no commercial binder ava...
85  cards
Initial lab test for nephrolithiasis,
Stone imaging,
Ivp features of stone
56  cards

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