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1.1 CM process and Tools
Ccmc defines cm as,
Cm process according to the body ...,
Many phases will take place______...
15  cards
1.2 Roles and Functions of CM in Various Settings
Many cm roles and functions are t...,
The goal is to achieve the best o...,
Physicians offices ambulatory car...
16  cards
1.3 Different types of CM settings
_____ diseases are characterized ...,
____ diseases require a lifetime ...,
Patients with multiple _____ are ...
63  cards
1.4 CM Benefit Programs
_____employers may purchase reins...,
Employers that self insure often ...,
Self funded plans are regulated f...
15  cards
1.5 Medicare and Medicaid
Medicare has 4 parts part a _____...,
Medicare part a pays for 1 234,
Medicare covers up to ___ days of...
31  cards
1.6 CM Reimbursement and Payment Methodologies
2 main reimbursement categories f...,
With this reimbursement each serv...,
With this reimbursement the episo...
14  cards
1.7 Models of Care
Providers in _____ _____ _____ ac...,
In acos unlike _____s patients ar...,
Core components of aco model of c...
17  cards
1.8 Cost Containment Principles
Traditional insurance uses cost c...,
Is a set amount the patient pays ...,
Is a specific amount of money the...
18  cards
1.9 Utilization Management Principles
Ensures that services provided ar...,
These reviews are done prior to t...,
These reviews include continued s...
14  cards
2.1 Interpersonal Communication & Interview Techniques
_________ _________ is the proces...,
________ ________ is a fundamenta...,
Ask ____________ questions whenev...
14  cards
2.2 Health Coaching & Behavioral Change Theories
______ ______ is secondary preven...,
The goal of health coaching is to...,
The role of the health coach is t...
10  cards
2.3 Client Engagement, Activation, Empowerment, Management
_______ _______ involves the exch...,
The ______ client will be ______ ...,
To _____ the client the case mana...
12  cards
2.4 Health Literacy, Psychological & Neuropsych Assessments
_____ _____ is the ability to obt...,
In addition to basic literacy ski...,
_____ _____ also requires numerac...
15  cards
2.5 Psychosocial Aspects, Family Dynamics, Support, Resources
A disability is considered ______...,
The case manager should assess no...,
____ ______ is ones belief in his...
17  cards
2.6 Behavioral Health Concepts, Crisis Intervention, End of Life
____ ____ describes patients with...,
Psychiatric treatment is more suc...,
The american psychiatric associat...
32  cards
2.7 Psychosocial Concepts - Additional Info
Barriers to effective communicati...,
Outcomes measured in health coach...,
The main reason patients do not c...
12  cards
3.1 Quality and Outcomes
Case management programs should m...,
Case management programs should p...,
__________is a systematic data dr...
8  cards
3.2 Accreditation Standards and Requirements
Accreditation is usually a ______...,
Although accreditation is technic...,
___________is also often required...
16  cards
3.3 Data Interpretation and Reporting
The frequency of patient reports ...,
A ______ _______ report formally ...,
Savings directly related to the c...
4  cards
3.4 Program Evaluation and Research Methods
The patient can be surveyed for s...,
The ______ _______ _________ hra ...,
It is used to design a _______ so...
12  cards
3.5 Additional Information
Types of quality indicators,
Delphi technique,
3 popular quality improvement tec...
3  cards
4.1 Rehabilitation Concepts and Strategies
The purpose of an assistive devic...,
The acronyms tdd tty and ttd are ...,
Both the ______ and the ________ ...
17  cards
4.2 Rehab Post injury including Work Related
In the event of a work related in...,
The _________ _______ ______ fca ...,
If the client has reached _______...
6  cards
4.3 Functional Capacity Evaluation
The _______ ___________ ______ fc...,
The _____ ___________ _______ is ...,
______ _________ is an individual...
20  cards
5.1 Ethical, Legal and Practice Standards
This occurs when there is no righ...,
What 3 conditions must be present...,
Case management ethics are demons...
55  cards

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