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Atoms And Molecules
What is an atom,
Where are protons neutrons and el...,
What is the mass number
37  cards
How are hydrocarbons divided,
Displayed formula
33  cards
Chemical Quantities And Reactions
Molar mass,
Equation for concentration
11  cards
Acid And Base Equlibrium
0  cards
What is a polymer,
List polymers,
How are monomers made from polymers
50  cards
4 types of lipids,
Neutral lipids
33  cards
Bio Analysis
What is quantitative analysis,
Analytical chemistry
35  cards
Introduction To Metabolism
Metabolic pathway,
Exergonic reactions
27  cards
Why is cell division important,
Cell cycle,
Result of mitosis
19  cards
Three Domains Of Life
Linnaean classification
27  cards
Catabolic pathways,
Anabolic pathways,
Endogenic reactions
20  cards
Sttrcuture And Function Id Dna
Heredity inheritance
39  cards
How Are Genes Controlled
Fat metabolism,
Symptoms of medium chain co a deh...,
Gene regulation in bacteria
28  cards
DNA Technology
Methods characteristics of cytoge...
18  cards
Stem Cells
How is adult body formed from a s...,
Hematopoietic stem cells hsc,
Mesenchymal stem cells
12  cards
Eukaryotic Membranes And Organelles
Main roles of the plasma membrane,
What is the plasma membrane,
Phospholipid bilateralne
53  cards
4 categories of bio molecules,
Protein functions,
Amino acids
37  cards
The Cytoskeleton,cillia And Undulipodia
What is the cytoskeleton,
Proteins in the cytoskeleton,
Role of the cytoskeleton
37  cards
Cytology,homogenisation And Fractionation
Aims of homogenisation,
Choice of method
4  cards
Structure Snd Function Of Prokaryotic Snd Eukaryotci Cells
General structural features of ba...,
Outer membrane
9  cards

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