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Reading 7: The Behavioral Finance Perspective
Bounded rationality,
Heuristic learning,
Traditional vs behavioural process
11  cards
Reading 8: The Behavioural Biases of Individuals
Cognitive errors,
Cognitive errors belief perspecti...,
Part 2 cognitive errors belief pe...
7  cards
Reading 9: Behavioural Finance & Investment Process
Behavioural types,
Behavioural finance benefits,
Pyramid structure
20  cards
Reading 10: Capital Market Expectations (Part 1)
Long short term data,
Diffusion indices,
Economic forecasting
23  cards
Reading 11: Capital Market Expectations: Part 2
Emerging market current account d...,
Purchasing power parity,
Vcv matrix
13  cards
Reading 12: Overview of Asset Allocation
Strategic asset allocation,
Economic balance sheet,
Dynamic asset allocation
12  cards
Reading 13: Principles of Asset Allocation
Personal residence private company,
Single periods,
Asset class vs factor based alloc...
21  cards
Reading 14: Asset Allocation w/ Real Word Constraints
Taxable portfolios,
Tactical asset allocation effecti...,
Contribution risk pension funds
7  cards
Reading 18: Overview of Fixed-Income Portfolio Management
Leveraged portfolio,
Managing taxable accounts,
12  cards
Reading 19: Liability-Driven & Index-Based Strategies
Types of liabilities,
Model risk
13  cards
Reading 20: Yield Curve Strategies
Active yield curve strategy,
Intermarket carry trades,
Duration neutral strategy
9  cards
Reading 21: Fixed-Income Active Management: Credit
Effective duration,
Credit spreads,
Investment grade bonds
14  cards
Reading 22: Overview of Equity Portfolio MGMT
Stock loans,
Why equities,
11  cards
Reading 23: Passive Equity Investing
Sample size,
Cash drag,
Security lending
22  cards
Reading 24: Active Equity Investing: Strategies
Fundamental vs quantitative managers,
Activist investors,
Paris trade
21  cards
Reading 25: Active Equity Investing: Portfolio Construction
Active strategy,
Formal risk constraints,
Idiosyncratic risk
17  cards
Reading 26: Hedge Fund Strategies
Managed futures global macro oppo...,
Convertible securities relative v...,
Hedge fund classifications
12  cards
Reading 27: Asset Allocation to Alternative Investments
Risk factor based asset allocation,
Traditional approach,
Mean variance optimisation
18  cards
Reading 28: Overview of Private Wealth Management
Private vs institutional investors,
Personal information,
Financial information
29  cards
Reading 29: Taxes & Private Wealth Management in a Global Context
Taxable accounts,
Types of investors tax effect,
Tax loss harvesting
14  cards
Reading 30: Estate Planning in a Global Context
Deemed disposition,
Forced heirship
19  cards
Reading 31: Concentrated Single Asset Position
Prepaid variable forward equivalent,
Single asset vs diversified portf...
27  cards
Reading 32: Risk Management for Individuals
Life insurance,
Net discount rate,
Human capital volatility
24  cards
Reading 33: Portfolio Management for Insto Investors
Db plan objectives,
Characteristics of institutional ...
22  cards
Reading 34: Trade Strategy & Execution
Scheduled algorithms,
Four categories of trade motivation,
Dark pools
16  cards
Reading 35: Portfolio Performance Evaluation
Analysing portfolio returns,
Capture ratio,
Portfolio evaluation
17  cards
Reading 36: Investment Manager Selection
Holdings based style analysis hbs...,
Inefficient assets,
Forming manager universe
15  cards
Reading 37: Institutional Case Study
Cash drag,
Calendar rebalancing
7  cards
Reading 38: Private Wealth Case Study
Savings buffer,
Human capital financial capital
2  cards
Reading 15: Option Strategies
Covered call,
Protective puts
18  cards
Reading 16: Swaps, Forwards, and Future Strategies
Volatility vs variance swaps,
Cheapest to deliver bond,
Cross currency basis
18  cards
Reading 17: Currency Management: An Introduction
Emerging markets,
Calls puts,
Contract rebalancing
27  cards

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