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Reading 5 The Behavioral Finance Perspective
Rational investors,
Efficient market,
Behavioral finance definition
58  cards
Reading 6 The Behavioral Biases of Individuals
Cognitive errors definition,
Based on reasoning influenced by ...,
Two categories of cognitive errors
27  cards
Reading 9 Taxes and Private Wealth Management in a Global Context
Why most modern portfolio theory ...,
Three primary categories of taxes,
Marginal tax rate definition
23  cards
Reading 8 Managing Individual Investor Portfolios
Situational profiling,
Source of wealth,
Measure of weal
35  cards
Reading 10 Estate Planning in a Global Context
Estate definition,
Estate planning,
Will testator
41  cards
Reading 11 Concentrated Single Asset Positions
Concentrated positions and risks ...,
Three common objectives when mana...,
Constraints to consider whe nmana...
36  cards
Reading 7 Behavioral Finance and Investment Processes
Barnewall two way model,
Bb k,
Behavioral investor types
25  cards
Reading 13 Managing Institutional Investor Portfolios
Institutional investors,
Pension fund plan sponsor definit...,
A cash balance plan is a defined ...
88  cards
Reading 12 Lifetime Financial Advice: Human Capital, Asset Allocation, and Insurance
Life expectancy,
What is human capital,
Two basic types of risk for an in...
12  cards
Reading 14 Linking Pension Liabilities to Assets
Asset only and liability relative...,
How to define risk,
Value of a liability
10  cards
Reading 15 Capital Market Expectations
How increase in short term rates ...,
During wich phase of the business...,
Limitations of economic data
101  cards
Reading 16 Equity Market Valuation
Growth accounting,
Cobb douglas production function,
19  cards
Reading 17 Asset Allocation
Strategic asset allocation and,
Key economic role of strategic as...,
Strategic asset allocation vs
57  cards
Reading 18 Currency Management: An Introduction
Forward markets,
Fx swap markets,
Currency options
39  cards
Reading 19 Market Indexes and Benchmarks
Benchmark definition,
Market index definition,
Distinguishing between a benchmar...
22  cards
Reading 20 Fixed-Income Portfolio Management—Part I
Four activities in the investment...,
Two types of investor based on in...,
Classification of strategies
49  cards
Reading 21 Relative-Value Methodologies for Global Credit Bond Portfolio Management
Relative value,
Classic relative value analysis,
Relative value methodologies
44  cards
Reading 22 Fixed-Income Portfolio Management—Part II
Combination strategies,
Return and duration of leveraged ...
40  cards
Reading 23 Equity Portfolio Management
Equities as an inflation hedge,
Approaches to equity investment,
Active return
71  cards
Reading 24 Alternative Investments Portfolio Management
Alternative investments,
Alternative investments by the pr...,
Due diligence in alternative inve...
105  cards
Reading 25 Risk Management
Risk management is,
Is it possible to operate a succe...,
If is an annual standard deviatio...
65  cards
Reading 26 Risk Management Applications of Forward and Futures Strategies
General formula for fra payoff,
How can a borrower lock in the ra...,
Duration of a bond futures contra...
28  cards
Reading 27 Risk Management Applications of Option Strategies
Call option,
Put option value at expiration pr...,
Covered call
22  cards
Reading 28 Risk Management Applications of Swap Strategies
Economic risk,
Four types of swaps,
23  cards
Reading 29 Execution of Portfolio Decisions
Buy side tradres what a portfolio...,
Market microstructure,
Order types
51  cards
Reading 30 Monitoring and Rebalancing
The reasons for monitoring and re...,
How often should the review of as...,
Variable prepaid forward in effec...
29  cards
Reading 31 Evaluating Portfolio Performance
Three questions naturally arise i...,
Performance measurement,
The emphasis on income related re...
56  cards
Reading 32 Overview of the Global Investment Performance Standards
Firms that claim to comply with g...,
Dietz formula
7  cards
The code of ethics,
Standards of professional conduct,
9  cards
Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct
The ethical responsibilities rela...
1  cards
Questions to Review
Implementation shortfall,
Buy and hold strategy
23  cards

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