cfe higher biology

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3.4 Animal Welfare
Define animal welfare,
What are the five freedoms,
Why is intensive farming required
21  cards
3.6 Social Behaviour
State some advantages of living i...,
What are some adaptations of livi...,
Describe social hierarchy and giv...
25  cards
3.5 Symbiosis
Define symbiosis,
Give an example of a symbiotic re...,
What are the two types of symbiosis
21  cards
3.7 Mass Extinction and Biodiversity
Define biodiversity,
What is extinction and when does ...,
What suggests there have been mul...
23  cards
3.8 Threats to Biodiversity
What is the difference between ex...,
Why do small populations have poo...,
Describe the bottleneck effect
22  cards
3.1 Food Supply, Plant Growth and Productivity
Define food security,
What are the three factors that i...,
Why is food security becoming har...
37  cards
3.2 Plant and Animal Breeding
Give an example of a desirable pl...,
Give an example of a desirable an...,
What is an allele
24  cards
3.3 Crop Protection
Identify the three main biotic fa...,
How do weeds have an effect on crops,
How do pests have an effect on crops
30  cards
2.1 Metabolic Pathways and their control
Define metabolism of a cell,
What are the three types of steps...,
What is an advantage of having re...
31  cards
2.2 Cell Respiration
What is respiration,
What is the word equation for res...,
What is the preferred respiratory...
45  cards
2.3 Metabolic Rate
Define metabolic rate,
What three things can be used to ...,
Describe a respirometer
30  cards
2.4 Metabolism in Conformers and Regulators
State some abiotic factors that c...,
What is the definition of a confo...,
What is a regulator
25  cards
2.5 Metabolism and Adverse Conditions
What is the meaning of adverse co...,
What is dormancy,
What are the two types of dormancy
25  cards
2.6 Environmental Control of Metabolism
What are the three domains of life,
Why are microorganisms useful in ...,
What do microorganisms need to su...
35  cards
2.7 Genetic Control of Metabolism
What are the three ways wild type...,
Describe selective breeding,
What is mutagenesis
24  cards
2.8 Ethical Considerations
Define the term ethical issues,
Give two arguments in support of ...,
Give examples of a medicinal prod...
7  cards
1.1 The Structure of DNA
Describe the structure of inherit...,
What is the genotype determined by,
What does dna stand for
20  cards
1.2 Replication of DNA
What is dna replication,
Why is dna replication important,
What are the key requirements for...
30  cards
1.3 Control of Gene Expression
What is gene expression,
How does gene expression control ...,
How is gene expression controlled
36  cards
1.4 Cellular Differentiation
Define a stem cell,
What are two things a stem cell c...,
Describe how a cell become specia...
16  cards
1.6 Mutations
Define a mutation,
What are the two possible results...,
How can a mutation affect the phe...
26  cards
1.7 Evolution
Define evolution,
What is the difference between ve...,
Give an example of an organism th...
33  cards
1.5 The structure of the genome
What is the genome of an organism,
What does the genome consist of,
What are coding regions of the ge...
7  cards
1.8 Genomic Sequencing
Describe what genomic sequencing is,
What is bioinformatics,
What type of graph is used to com...
20  cards
Unit 1 Overall
What is a stem cell,
What is bioinformatics,
What is a codon
21  cards
Unit 3 Overall
Define food security,
What are the three adaptations to...,
What are the two stages in photos...
20  cards

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