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Health Insurance
4 major classes of medical expenses,
Out of pocket,
Patient protection and affordable...
24  cards
Long Term Care/Disability Coverage
Continuing care retirement commun...
21  cards
Property And Liability Insurance
What is property insurance,
What is liability insurance,
Homeowners insurance three basic ...
53  cards
Social Security
How is social security funded,
Medicare surtax,
27  cards
Fundamentals Of Investments
What are the two forms of underwr...,
Best efforts underwriting,
Firm commitment underwriting
47  cards
Portfolio Theory
Standard deviation,
Standard deviation to calculate p...,
Standard deviation example
39  cards
Investments: Measuring Return
Holding period return,
Holding period return cont,
Holding period calculation with c...
18  cards
Investments: Stock Valuation And Ratio Analysis
Dividend discount model,
Expected rate of return,
Exam tip dividend discount model
41  cards
Investments: Bonds
Us treasury securities,
Non marketable securities,
Series ee e bonds
42  cards
Investments: Bond valuation
Coupon rate,
Par value,
Length of time to maturity
35  cards
Investments: Investment Companies
What are the three types of inves...,
Closed end funds,
Open end funds
28  cards
Investments: Derivatives
What is an option,
What determines the value of an o...,
What is an option contract
34  cards
Income Tax: Property Tax
What are the three types of prope...,
What is a capital asset,
What is an ordinary income asset
56  cards
Income Tax: Basics
Basic tax formula,
What are the two accounting perio...,
What is the cash basis account me...
86  cards
Income Tax: Administrative
What is the primary source of tax...,
What is the secondary primary sou...,
What are regulations
25  cards
Income Tax: Depreciation, Amortization, & Depletion
What are the three methods of cos...,
What is depreciation,
What are the requirements for pro...
28  cards
Income Tax: Entities
Under what law are entities forme...,
What entities do not have limited...,
What is piercing the veil of liab...
36  cards
Retirement Planning - Intro to Qualified Plans
What are the different qualified ...,
What is a pension plan,
What is a profit sharing plan
41  cards
Retirement Planning - Pension Plans and Profit sharing Plans
What are traditional pension plans,
What are the 4 types of pension p...,
What is the common calculation fo...
53  cards
Retirement Planning - Administration of Qualified Plans
What are the distribution reasons...,
What are qpsa qjsa,
What is the mandatory withholding...
39  cards
Retirement Planning - Other Tax Advantaged Plans
Qualified plans vs other tax exem...,
What are the key features of trad...,
Earned income vs not earned incom...
36  cards
Retirement Planning: Deferred Compensation And Stock Options
Why are deferred compensation pla...,
What are examples of deferred com...,
What is irc section 409a
28  cards
Retirement Planning - Employee Fringe Benefits
What is a fringe benefit,
How is discrimination handled,
Important numbers
29  cards
Estate Planning - Fundamentals
What are the 7 steps of the estat...,
What is a will,
What are the different types of w...
36  cards
Lesson 2 - Gift and Estate Taxes
Are gift estate and generation sk...,
Rules surrounding below market ra...,
What is the value of a gift
37  cards
Estate Planning - Transfer Outright & In Trust
What happens when you sell an ass...,
What are private annuities,
What is a self canceling installm...
38  cards
Estate Planning: Advanced Estate Planning
The unlimited marital deduction,
Chart ways to leave property and ...,
What are the requirements for a t...
34  cards

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