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Standards of conduct,
Prohibition on circumvention,
Code of ethics
36  cards
When must an advisor register wit...,
When must an advisor register wit...,
When does an advisor have the opt...
18  cards
Business Cycles, Consumer Protection
7 steps of the financial planning...,
Examples of quantitative information,
Examples of qualitative information
102  cards
Financial Statements, Ratios
Balance sheet definition,
Proper dating layout for a balanc...,
What are all assets valued at on ...
32  cards
Education Planning
What does fafsa stand for,
What does efc stand for,
What is the efc
58  cards
Principles of Insurance
Definition of insurance,
What type of risk is insurance us...,
Pure risk definition
73  cards
Life Insurance
What are the 2 approaches to calc...,
Life insurance needs approach,
Life insurance human life value a...
82  cards
Health Insurance
4 major classes of how medical ex...,
Stop loss,
Out of pocket
43  cards
Disability Insurance
What is disability income insurance,
Any occupation,
Modified any occupation
19  cards
Property and Liability Insurance
3 basic forms of coverage offered...,
Basic coverage for a homeowners p...,
What are the 12 named perils of b...
86  cards
Social Security
How is social security funded,
What does fica stand for,
What does seca stand for
35  cards
Fundamentals of Investments
Best efforts underwriting,
Firm commitment underwriting,
Prospectus document
78  cards
Portfolio Theory
Standard deviation definition,
What is the area under the normal...,
What is the area under the normal...
79  cards
Measuring Return
What is the holding period return...,
When there are dividends received...,
When there is margin interest pai...
27  cards
Stock Valuation and Ratio Analysis
What is the constant growth divid...,
What are some disadvantages to th...,
Describe the price to earnings ratio
27  cards
How are us treasuries taxed,
What are the types of non marketa...,
What is a series ee bond
48  cards
Bond Valuation
Coupon rate definition,
Par value,
Length of time to maturity
42  cards
Investment Companies
What are the 3 types of investmen...,
What are the characteristics of a...,
What are the characteristics of a...
35  cards
What is an options contract,
What determines the value of an o...,
How many shares of the underlying...
55  cards
Property Taxation
What are the 3 types of property,
What is a capital asset,
What are some examples of what is...
18  cards
What does acrs stand for,
What does macrs stand for,
What are the features of an asset...
10  cards
Administrative (Tax)
What does irc stand for,
What created the irc,
What are the 3 sources of tax law
45  cards
Depreciation, Amortization, and Depletion
What are the 3 methods that could...,
For what type of assets is deprec...,
For what type of assets is amorti...
36  cards
What are the most common legal fo...,
What does piercing the veil of li...,
What steps should a business take...
10  cards

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