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2) Atoms, ions + compounds
Nitrate ion,
Carbonate ion,
Sulfate ion
37  cards
Practice questions
A sample of gallium consists of t...,
How many neutrons does the isotop...,
Which of the molecules have the s...
128  cards
3) Amount of substance
Define amount of substance,
Define avogadro constant,
What does the mass of 1 mole of a...
40  cards
4) Acids and redox
Define strong acid,
Define weak acid,
Define base
39  cards
5) Electrons and bonding
Energy increases as shell number _,
Define principal quantum number n,
What are the sets of orbitals wit...
46  cards
6) Shapes of molecules and intermolecular forces
Describe electron pair repulsion ...,
What are wedges used for,
A lone pair of electrons is _ and...
37  cards
7) Periodicity
Define group,
Elements in a group have _ and th...,
Define period
28  cards
8) Reactivity trends
Describe group 2 elements,
Group 2 element oxygen,
Describe magnesiums reaction with...
45  cards
9) Enthalpy
Define enthalpy h,
What does the law of the conserva...,
Define exothermic reaction
33  cards
10) Reaction rates and equilibrium
Define rate of reaction,
When is rate fastest
35  cards
11) Basic concepts of organic chemistry
Define hydrocarbon,
Define saturated,
Define unsaturated
53  cards
12) Alkanes
What is the general formula of an...,
What is the 3d arrangement and bo...,
What is fractional distillation a...
12  cards
13) Alkenes
Where are the 4 electrons of each...,
Describe a pi bond 3 points,
What effect does the pi bond have...
36  cards
14) Alcohols
What is the functional group of a...,
Are alcohols polar or non polar m...,
Alcohols have a _ boiling point a...
14  cards
15) Haloalkanes
Haloalkanes can be classified as,
What can you infer from the fact ...,
Define nucleophile
28  cards
16) Organic synthesis
Name 5 key quickfit apparatus tha...,
Define reflux,
State 3 key things that heating u...
38  cards
17) Spectroscopy
Define molecular ion m,
The mass spectrometer detects the...,
Define molecular ion peak m peak
26  cards
18) Rates of reactions
Define order,
For zero order reactants change i...,
For first order reactants change ...
37  cards
19) Equilibrium
Define homogenous equilibrium,
Define heterogeneous equilibrium,
Why does kc only include species ...
23  cards
20) Acids, bases and pH
Define bronsted lowry acid,
Define bronsted lowry base,
Define conjugate acid base pair
44  cards
21) Buffers and neutralisation
Define buffer solution,
What are the 2 key components of ...,
When is a buffer solutions buffet...
33  cards
22) Enthalpy and entropy
Define lattice enthalpy,
Leh is an _ exothermic endothermi...,
What is lattice enthalpy a measur...
49  cards
23) Redox and electrode potentials
What two things will there always...,
Define oxidising agent,
Define reducing agent
35  cards
24) Transition elements
For which two elements does the e...,
Define transition element,
Give 3 features of transition ele...
49  cards
25) Aromatic chemistry
What is the molecular formula of ...,
Give 3 reasons for the rejection ...,
Describe the delocalised model of...
27  cards
26) Carbonyls and carboxylic acids
What is the carbonyl functional g...,
What type of reaction does the po...,
What are the reagents conditions ...
37  cards
27) Amines, amino acids and proteins
What are amines,
What is the suffix and prefix for...,
When secondary or tertiary amines...
28  cards
28) Organic synthesis
What is a nitrile group,
Haloalkane nacn or kcn in ethanol,
In the nucleophilic substitution ...
54  cards
29) Chromatography and spectroscopy
What is the purpose of chromatogr...,
Define stationary phase,
Define mobile phase
72  cards
Acid dissociation constant ka,
Acid base pair
228  cards
PAG style questions
What are 2 limitations and their ...,
Name 4 sources of error when carr...,
Name a piece of apparatus that co...
9  cards

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