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1.1 Atomic Structure (part 1)
What subatomic particles are atom...,
What is the charge mass and locat...,
What is the charge mass and locat...
42  cards
1.1 Atomic Structure (part 2)
What are the 4 sub shells,
How many electrons can the s she ...,
How many electrons can the p she ...
42  cards
1.2 Amounts Of Substance (part 1)
Relative atomic mass,
Relative molecular mass,
Relative formula mass
49  cards
1.3 Bonding
Metallic bonding,
How are the metal ions arranged,
What are the metal ions surrounde...
67  cards
1.3 Bonding Part 2
Top 5 electronegative elements,
What is the trend in electronegat...
76  cards
Organic Chemistry
Organic chemistry is the chemistr...,
What sort of bonds does carbon form,
Molecular formula
42  cards
General formula alkanes,
How many bonding pairs of electro...
63  cards
What can the process of oxidation...,
41  cards
2.1 Periodicity
In what order are elements arrang...,
31  cards
Group 7
What are group 7 elements known as,
How many outer electrons do group...,
Why are group 7 elements in the p...
107  cards
When can reactions occur,
What is this sufficient energy ca...,
Activation energy
45  cards
Rate Equations
Rate of reaction,
Units of rate,
Reactions can only occur when
51  cards
Acids And Bases Part 1
What does bronsted lowry theory d...,
What does an acid base reaction i...,
37  cards
What does condensation polymerisa...,
What can polyesters be formed from,
What can polyesters be formed fro...
55  cards
Thermodynamics Part 1
What is the strength of the bondi...,
What are the two ways to define l...,
Enthalpy of lattice dissociation
50  cards
Thermodynamics Part 2
What is entropy a measure of,
Symbol for entropy,
Why are the values for entropy al...
49  cards
Transition Metals Part 1
Transition metal,
Why are sc and zn d block elements,
Why are sc and zn not transition ...
82  cards
Transition Metals Part 2
How many common oxidationstates d...,
When can the different oxidation ...,
Common oxidation states of vanadi...
28  cards
Transition Metals Part 3
What do catalysts provide,
What is not changed in presence o...
34  cards
Reactions Of Ipns In Solutipn
What do most metal actions exist ...,
What kind of ions do main group m...,
What are most transition metal ions
50  cards
1.2 amounts of substance part 2
What does stoichiometry tell you,
What is stoichiometry found from,
What is volumetric analysis used for
35  cards
General formula of an alkene,
Functional group alkene,
What is the double covalent bond ...
79  cards
2.2 group 2 notes
What are group 2 mp like,
Why are group 2 mp high,
Are group one or group 2 harder
60  cards
What is enthalpy,
How is enthalpy shown,
How is enthalpy measured
70  cards
General formula halogenoalkanes,
Functional group,
What does the presence of the pol...
49  cards
alcohols part 1
General formula,
Functional group,
What can alcohols be classified as
44  cards
chemical equilibria
How is it often denoted that a re...,
Where can an equilibrium only be ...,
Where can equilibrium be set up from
44  cards
organic analysis
What is the chemical test for alk...,
Chemical test for primary and sec...,
Observation from chemical test wi...
24  cards
optical isomerism
What 2 types of isomerism are stu...,
Structural isomers,
19  cards
aldehydes and ketones
General formula aldehydes and ket...,
Fuctional group,
Where is the functional carbonie ...
46  cards
carboxylic acids
General formula ca,
Functional group ca,
Types of carboxylic acid
67  cards
alcohols part 2
What three important reactions do...,
What do alcohols burn in oxygen t...,
Why do alcohols combust more effi...
39  cards
3.9 carboxylic acids part 2
What is acylation,
What is the acyl group,
What are compounds which have the...
35  cards
1.10 equilibrium constant, Kp
What does the rate of forward rea...,
What remains the same unless cond...,
What does kc equal
19  cards
aromatic chemistry
What is aromatic chemistry,
What are compounds containing the...,
Evidence against the kekule struc...
42  cards
period 3
Type of structure na mg al,
Type of structure si,
Type of structure p4 s8 cl2
97  cards
acids and bases part 2
What is added in an acid base tit...,
What is used to find the end poin...,
How can the concentration of the ...
41  cards
What are amines,
What can amines be classified as,
Preparation of aromatic amines fr...
50  cards
electrode potentials
What is the process of oxidation ...,
166  cards
3.13 amino acids
What two groups do amino acids co...,
What are the amino and carboxylic...,
Why are amino acids amphoteric
110  cards
3.16 chromatography
All forms of chromatography invol...,
What does the mobile phase pass over
74  cards
3.15 NMR
Which 3 techniques do chemistry u...,
What does nmr stand for,
What is the property called that ...
28  cards

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