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Foundation: C1 - Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
What is a mixture,
What is a compound,
What is the easiest way to identi...
65  cards
Foundation: C2 - Bonding, Structure and Properties of matter
Ionic compounds,
Ionic compounds,
Ionic compunds
61  cards
Foundation: C3 - Quantitative Chemistry
Relative formula mass,
Relative formula mass,
Relative formula mass
29  cards
Foundation: C4 - Chemical Changes
52  cards
Foundation: C5 - Energy changes
In an endothermic reaction 1 do t...,
In an exothermic reaction 1 do th...,
Give three examples of exothermic...
10  cards
Foundation: C6 - The Rate and Extent of Chemical Change
What do we call the substances th...,
What do we call the substances th...,
What are the four factors that af...
32  cards
Foundation: C7 - Organic Chemistry
65  cards
Foundation: C8 - Chemical Analysis
Pure substances,
Pure substances,
37  cards
Foundation: C9 - Chemistry of the Atmosphere
The early atmosphere,
The early atmosphere,
The early atmosphere
30  cards
Foundation: C10 - Using Resources
Finite and renewable resources,
Finite and renewable resources,
Finite and renewable resources
4  cards
Higher: C1 - Atomic structure and the periodic table
Atoms have a radius of about,
A nanometer is one ___th of a metre,
What is one nanometer in standard...
68  cards
Higher: C2 - Bonding, structure and properties of matter
What is covalent bonding,
What type of elements bond covale...,
Are covalent bonds strong or weak...
48  cards
Higher: C3 - Quantitative chemistry
What is an isotope,
How is the mass of an isotopic el...
48  cards
Higher: C4 - Chemical changes
What colour are acids on the ph s...,
What colour are alkalis on the ph...,
What does ph mean
87  cards
Higher: C8 - Chemical analysis
How would you tell whether a subs...,
What are formulations,
What is chromatography used for
10  cards
Higher: C5 - Energy changes
What is an exothermic reaction,
Give 3 examples of exothermic rea...,
Give 2 everyday uses of exothermi...
16  cards
Higher: C6 - The rate and extent of chemical change
What is the rate of a chemical re...,
What are the possible units for r...,
How would you measure of rate of ...
18  cards
Higher: C7 - Organic chemistry
What makes something organic in t...,
What is crude oil,
What are hydrocarbons
30  cards
Higher: C9 - Chemistry of the atmosphere
What are the approximate proporti...,
Theories about the earth s early ...,
What were the approximate proport...
28  cards
Higher: C10 - Using resources
What is potable water,
What do the methods of potable wa...,
What is rainwater a type of
24  cards

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