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Atomic Structure and Bonding
What does the nucleus contain,
What does the shell contain,
How can compounds form
63  cards
The Periodic Table
What is a group,
What is a period,
Where are metals in the periodic ...
50  cards
What is an electric current,
Why don t covalent compounds cond...,
What is an electrolyte
42  cards
Naming of Ions for Balancing Equations
24  cards
What is a molecule,
What is an element,
What all the relative masses and ...
69  cards
Organic Chemistry
What is crude oil,
How is crude oil formed,
What is fractional distillation
111  cards
Energy Changes
How do you find the mass of a sol...,
What is the specific heat capacity,
What is the specific heat capacit...
67  cards
Extraction And Uses Of Metals
How are most metals found,
What is the most common compound ...,
How do you separate metals less r...
49  cards
What are the benefits of emulsifi...,
Benefits of using vegetables oils...,
Drawbacks of using emulsifiers in...
9  cards
Reactivity Series and Acids
What is the reactivity series,
Which metals react with cold air,
Which metals react when heated in...
87  cards
What are the benefits of emulsifi...,
Benefits of using vegetables oils...,
Drawbacks of using emulsifiers in...
9  cards
Atoms and Ions
What are atoms composed of,
What does the mass number represent,
What does the atomic number repre...
25  cards
What are the four separation tech...,
What is a synthesis reaction,
What is a decomposition reaction
15  cards
Rates of Reaction
Hoe would you measure the rate of...,
Why is cotton wool used in this e...,
What results will you expect for ...
17  cards
Oxygen and oxides
What percentage of oxygen is in u...,
What percentage of nitrogen is in...,
What percentage of argon is in un...
39  cards
Making Salts
Why is it impossible to produce a...,
Name the solubility patterns,
What three mixtures can you use f...
20  cards
Separating and Analysing
What is fractional distillation u...,
What does fractional distillation...,
Describe the process of fractiona...
26  cards
Chemical Equilibrium
What is a reversible reaction,
What is the name of this reaction...,
What is the name of this reaction...
63  cards
Q energy change j
13  cards
Diffusion and Changes of State
What is diffusion,
How can you show diffusion using ...,
Describe the experiment to show t...
14  cards
Reversible reactions
0  cards

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