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My C1
What is the overall charge on a atom,
What is the charge of a proton,
What is the charge of a neutron
43  cards
GCSE Chemistry C1 - Section 1 - 3 Atoms, Limestone and Metals
The charge of a neutron is,
To calculate the number of neutrons,
What are the ingredients of concrete
35  cards
GCSE Chemistry C2 - Section 1 - 2 Atomic Structure and Bonding
List 3 ways in terms of electrons...,
Most covalent compounds have,
The intermolecular forces in simp...
30  cards
GCSE Chemistry C2 - Section 3 Amount of substance and analytical techniques
The yield of a reaction is,
In a reversible reaction the prod...,
The law of conservation of mass says
40  cards
GCSE Chemistry C2 - Section 4 Rates of Reaction
The minimum amount of energy that...,
When the concentration of a react...,
In a reversible reaction the amou...
19  cards
GCSE Chemistry C2 - Section 5 Acids, Bases and Salts
3 things that sodium hydroxide fr...,
Acid base,
Negative ions are at the electrodes
60  cards
GCSE Chemistry C3 - Periodic Table, Water and Analysis
Cu2 ions with oh hydroxide ions,
How does adding sodium carbonate ...,
Flame test colour potassium
35  cards
GCSE Chemistry C1 - Section 4 - 5 Crude oil and products from oil
What are particulates,
What are the advatnages of making...,
What are unsaturated hydrocarbons...
38  cards
GCSE Chemistry C3 - Energy, Acids, Reversible Reactions and Organic Chemistry
Propanol methanol and ethanol are...,
2h2 o2 2h2o assuming all theses a...,
A reversible reaction that is exo...
22  cards

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