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Chapter 1 - The concept of Business Ecosystems
What does the acronym pestel stan...,
What are the 5 threats that peste...,
What is competitive rivalry
39  cards
Chapter 2 - Alternative approaches to business models
What are the four key aspects of ...,
What does define value mean,
What does create value mean
20  cards
Chapter 3 - Business models in digital ecosystems
What is disruptive technology,
What are some examples of technol...,
To survive digital disruption wha...
31  cards
Chapter 4 - Leadership and Management
What is management,
What are the common functions of ...,
What management concepts are impo...
63  cards
Channel 5 - Controlling performance (part 1)
When does the h s at work act apply,
What are the keys areas of a heal...,
What are the benefits of health a...
23  cards
Chapter 6 - Controlling Performance (part 2)
How can an organisation influenci...,
What control mechanisms can an or...,
What are the four types of organi...
37  cards
Chapter 7 - Building, Leading and Managing Teams
What does schein suggest a group is,
What is a team,
What are the four types of groups
28  cards
Chapter 8 - Managing Organisational Relationship
What is formal communication,
What is informal communication,
What is the communication process
32  cards
Chapter 9 - The concept of project management
What is a project,
What are constraints,
What are the primary constraints ...
36  cards
Chapter 10 - Project management: tools and techniques
What are the order of the breakdo...,
What is the work breakdown structure,
What is work packages wp statemen...
38  cards
Chapter 11 - Project Leadership
What is the order of the stakehol...,
What way does the project brief f...,
What way does the project proposa...
11  cards
Belbin Character Types
If a person is mature and confide...,
If a person is challenging and dy...,
If a person is thoughtful and cre...
9  cards
Problem areas
What are the common features of m...,
What are the ten roles that manag...,
What are the types of power accor...
49  cards
Progress Test Practice Areas
What are the disadvantages of a m...,
What happens in the post completi...,
If there is high cooperativeness ...
27  cards
Consolidation Team problem areas
What can be delegated,
What are some group roles in adai...,
What are some task roles in adair...
9  cards
Problem Areas 2
What are the three types of group...,
What are some examples of group c...,
What are some examples of group c...
37  cards

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