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CH1 - The concept of strategy and the rational/formal approach to strategy formulation
Cima definition of strategy,
What are druckers 5 fundamental q...,
Common themes in strategy
45  cards
CH2 - Alternative Approaches To Strategy
What are the benefits of the rati...,
What are the drawbacks to the rat...,
What is uncertainty
23  cards
CH3 - Competitive Advantage
What is competitiveness,
Cima definition of competitive ad...,
What key characteristics must com...
20  cards
CH4 Nature Of The Global Business Environment
The environment a business operat...,
In what ways can an organisation ...,
What different types of environme...
25  cards
CH5 - Competitor Analysis
What is the cima definition of co...,
Why is competitor analysis important,
According to wilson and gilligan ...
26  cards
CH6 - Leadership And Management
What is the difference between ma...,
In 1989 mintzberg identified 10 r...,
To be able to analyse the nature ...
54  cards
CH7 - HRM Approaches To Managing And Controlling Performance
What is purpose of human resource...,
In hr context what is management ...,
Distinguish the different levels ...
24  cards
CH8 - Behavioral Aspects of Control
In addition to legal requirements...,
Briefly comment on trust and control,
What does performance appraisal s...
21  cards
CH9 - Organisational Culture
What is organisational culture,
Describe the 3 levels culture exi...,
What is the organisational iceberg
16  cards
CH10 - Building, Leading and Managing teams
What was schein s description of ...,
What are the different types of g...,
How would describe a work team
19  cards
CH11 - Techniques For Managing Organisational Relationships
What is importance of effective c...,
Communication speed and accuracy ...,
Define the process of communication
27  cards
CH12 - The Finance Function And Managing Its Relationships
How has the role which finance fu...,
What is included in the current r...,
What does lean operations mean
23  cards
CH13 - Managing organisational change
Organisations which fail to chang...,
Triggers for change can be divide...,
Triggers for change can be divide...
30  cards
CH14- Managing Projects
What are the key attributes that ...,
What is cima terminology for proj...,
What are project constraints
34  cards
CH15 - Project Management Tools And Techniques
Name the different tools techniqu...,
What is work breakdown structure wbs,
What are work packages wps and st...
32  cards
CH -16 People And Projects
In projects why is a hierarchy pu...,
What is the hierarchy of various ...,
What is the role of project sponsor
22  cards

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