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Chapter 1 - Strategic management (parts 1-4)
What is the definition of strategy,
5 ps of strategy,
What does sbu stand for
14  cards
Last Minute Revision
Define power,
Define authority,
Define delegation
7  cards
Chapter 1 - Strategic management (parts 5-7)
Kotler successful organisations l...,
2 examples of theories and models...,
What is a position audit used for
12  cards
Chapter 1 - Strategic management (parts 8-15)
What are porters 3 generic strate...,
What are the 4 parts of ansoffs m...,
Describe vertical integration
12  cards
Chapter 1 - Strategic management (parts 16-22)
The strategy consideration for pu...,
The strategy consideration for no...,
Mintzbergs organigram name 5 part...
12  cards
Chapter 2 - The global business environment (parts 1-4)
What does longpest stand for also...,
What is gdp,
What is gnp
10  cards
Chapter 2 - The global business environment (parts 5-9)
What is liberalisation or deregul...,
What is protectionism,
Examples of protectionism 6 examples
10  cards
Chapter 2 - The global business environment (parts 10-14)
Name the 5 parts of porters diamo...,
Name 4 basic factor conditions,
Name 4 6 advanced factor conditions
7  cards
Chapter 4 - Culture and control
What is organisational culture,
What is organisational values,
Name charles handys 4 cultural types
12  cards
Chapter 6 - Managing communication, negotiation and conflict
4 types of non verbal communicati...,
3 levels of conflict,
Thomas kilmann framework 5 strate...
12  cards
Chapter 7 - Managing organisational change
Balogun hope hailey type of chang...,
Lewins 3 stage model,
Kotter schlesinger 6 methods of d...
6  cards
Chapter 5 - Effective organisational relationships
Name the features of an organisat...,
What is the time allowed for a pr...,
What is the time allowed for a pu...
13  cards
Chapter 8 - Managing projects
What is a project,
Name the 4 stages of the project ...,
Define slippage and 7 options pm ...
10  cards
Chapter 3 - Managing people (parts 1-6)
What is the definition of power,
Name the 5 categories of power,
What is the definition of authority
10  cards
Chapter 3 - Managing people (parts 7-11)
Name fayols 5 primary functions o...,
Name taylors 4 principles of mana...,
Define mayos hawthorne effect
7  cards
Chapter 3 - Managing people (part 12)
What are trait theories,
What are the 3 priorities for ada...,
What does fielder mean by a high ...
14  cards
Chapter 3 - Managing people (parts 13-14)
State ashridges 4 styles of manag...,
State likerts 4 leadership systems,
State the 2 extremes of tannenbau...
6  cards

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