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Chapter 1 - Concept of and Rational Strategy
Druker s 5 q s on strategy,
Mintzberg s 5 p s of strategy,
3 levels of strategy
19  cards
Chapter 2 - Alternative Strategies
Problems rational strategy approach,
Benefits rational strategy approach,
Pro s and cons rational approach
15  cards
Chapter 3 - Competitive Advantage
Level of competition influences,
Sustainable competitive adantages,
Porters 3 generic competition str...
13  cards
Chapter 4 - Nature of the Business Environment
Options to react to environmental...,
Characteristics of the environmen...,
Environmental analysislevel tool
14  cards
Chapter 5 - Competitor Analysis
Role of competitor analysis,
Effects of competiton,
Porters competitive analysis fram...
14  cards
Chapter 6 - Leadership and management
Management is fayol 1916,
35  cards
Chapter 7 - HRM on performance
Purpose of hrm,
Levels of management control,
Health and safety
16  cards
Chapter 8 - Behavioral aspects of control
Types approaches of organizationa...,
Trust and control,
Employee performance appraisal
13  cards
Chapter 9 - Orga Culture
What is culture,
Levels of culture,
Cultural iceberg
12  cards
Chapter 10 - Teams
Define groups schein,
What is a team incl multi skilled...,
Types of groups
16  cards
Chapter 11 - Orga Relationships
Formal and informal communication,
Process of communicaiotn,
Importance of feedback
28  cards
Chapter 12 - The Finance Function
Importance of finance,
Current roles of finance,
New roles of finance
13  cards
Chapter 13 - Orga Change
Cultural process of change,
Change process lewin 3 stages,
Change process lewin force field ...
16  cards
Chapter 14 - Project Management
Project mgmt,
Project constraints,
Project life cycle
31  cards
Chapter 15 - Project tools
0  cards
Chapter 16 - People and projects
Role of mgmt accountants in projects,
Pm skills,
Life cycle of pm teams
5  cards

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