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10 mbps,
100 mbps,
1 gbps
18  cards
Ethernet LAN Switching
Which field of an ethernet frame ...,
How long is the physical address ...
21  cards
OSI Model
What are the 7 layers of the osi ...,
What does osi model stand for,
Application layer
13  cards
Cisco CLI
How to enter priviledged exec mode,
How to create a password on cisco...,
How to display running and starti...
36  cards
1 Network Fundamentals
What is an internetwork,
What is a collision domain,
What is a broadcast domain
20  cards
What does tcp ip stand for,
The dod department of defense model,
40  cards
3 Easy Subnetting
What is the subnet mask for a cla...,
What is the subnet mask for a cla...,
What is the subnet mask for a cla...
13  cards
4 Troubleshooting IP Addressing
What does pinging 127001 do,
Cisco way of troubleshooting conn...,
What is the ping command
10  cards
5 IP Routing
What are routing protocols,
What are routed protocols,
What is static routing
13  cards
6 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
What is open shortest path first ...,
What are router that connect auto...,
35  cards
7 Layer 2 Switching
Three distinct functions of layer...,
Address learning,
Forward filter decisions
19  cards
8 VLANs and Inter-VLAN Routing
What is a vlan,
Can hosts on one vlan communicate...,
Here s a short list of ways vlans...
26  cards
9 Enhanced Switched Technologies
Spanning tree protocol stp,
Root bridge,
Non root bridges
37  cards
10 Access Lists
What are access lists,
Three important rules that a pack...,
Standard access lists
25  cards
11 Network Address Translation (NAT)
Network address translation nat,
Advantages and disadvantages of i...,
Types of network address translation
22  cards
12 IP Services
Cisco discovery protocol cdp,
The show cdp command,
The show cdp neighbor command
18  cards
13 Security
Network security threats,
Three primary network attacks,
Most common threats
36  cards
14 First Hop Redundancy Protocol (HSRP)
Proxy address resolution protocol...,
First hop redundancyprotocol fhrp,
Hot standby router protocol hsrp
15  cards
15 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Virtual private networks,
Benefits of vpns,
Enterprise managed vpns
16  cards
16 Quality of Service (QoS)
Quality of service,
Traffic characteristics,
Trust boundary
12  cards
17 Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)
Why do we need ipv6,
The benefits and uses of ipv6,
Ipv6 addressing and expressions
15  cards
18 Troubleshooting IP, IPv6, and VLANs
Server roles,
Using span for troubleshooting,
Vlan troubleshooting
4  cards
19 Wireless Technologies
Wireless personal area network wpan,
Wireless lan wlan,
Wireless metro area network wman
40  cards
20 Configuring Wireless Technologies
Stand alone model,
Lightweight model,
Split mac
24  cards
21 Virtualization, Automation, and Programmability
Virtualization components,
Virtualization guest
22  cards
22 SDN Controllers
What is an sdn,
Traditional network monitoringsys...,
Configuring snmp
45  cards
23 Configuration Management
Team silos,
Infrastructure as code iac
15  cards
Practice Chapters 1-5
11 which one of the following is ...,
12 which one of the following bes...,
13 which two of the following des...
50  cards
Practice Chapters 6-10
61 which of the following describ...,
62 all of the following must matc...,
63 you get a call from a network ...
50  cards
Practice Chapters 11-15
55  cards
Practice Chapters 16-20
68  cards
Practice Chapters 21-23
48  cards
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
Difference between root id and br...,
Root costs,
Steps of spanning tree protocol stp
6  cards
IP Headers
Ihl internet header length,
12  cards
8021q encapsulation,
Trunking protocols,
Native vlan
12  cards
Cli commands to enable layer 3 sw...,
Command to see what ports are acc...,
Cli command to see what ports bel...
4  cards

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