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Spanning tree
Default stp port costs for the fo...,
What are the 3 types of bpdus,
Command to configure a static eth...
73  cards
What kind of packets are used dur...,
What does an lsu contain,
What information is in a network lsa
17  cards
When does eigrp send full and par...,
What are the 2 primary timers for...,
What are the default values for t...
31  cards
What does eui stand for,
What is the range for ipv6 unique...,
What do ipv6 link local addresses...
64  cards
3 major fhrp protocols,
What does glbp stand for,
What does fhrp stand for
24  cards
VLANs on switches
Command to set vtp mode to transp...,
What are the 4 trunking administr...,
Command to show the options set o...
27  cards
Command to create a static nat ma...,
Command to see static nat mappings,
5 steps to configuring dynamic nat
15  cards
Device Security
What are the ranges for standard ...,
Syntax for an extended numbered acl,
3 primary differences that named ...
41  cards
What does dce stand for,
What does hdlc stand for,
What is a dce cable used to connect
39  cards
Command to have logging messages ...,
Command to see the status of any ...,
Cisco s snmp manager
27  cards
What application may be used to m...,
What does udi stand for,
What 2 components make up a udi
10  cards
What organization hands out ip s ...,
What is the distance for 1000base...,
If there is no username set globa...
13  cards
Frame Relay
In a frame relay environment what...,
A name for the keepalive messages...,
What does lmi stand for
32  cards
VLANs on routers
Do routers negotiate trunking,
If a router has multiple tagged s...,
Configure a router interface gi1 ...
9  cards

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