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what is clinical psychology
What is clinical psychology,
What is diagnosis,
What are the contemporary studies...
6  cards
defining abnormality
What are the 4 ds,
Define danger,
Define distress
11  cards
What is unipolar depression,
What percentage of the usa popula...,
What is the ratio percentage of w...
7  cards
cognitive treatment for depression
What is the cognitive treatment f...,
Who and when was it developed,
What does it combine
29  cards
What was the aim of rosenham,
Was it an experiment,
Who were the participants
46  cards
researching mental health
What is a longitudinal study,
What patterns can be seen in l study,
In clinical what measurements wou...
22  cards
gentics explanation for schiz
Is it bio or social,
What have scientist long known,
What of general population have s...
32  cards
dopamins hypothesis schiz
What does the dopamine hypothesis...,
What does the hypothesis state,
Is schiz to do with increased dop...
30  cards
social causation explanation for schiz
How was the study derived,
What do psychologists believe,
What did cooper 2005 find
24  cards
what is schizophrenia and dsm criteria
What is schizophrenia,
Who is affected by schizophrenia,
When does the first episode norma...
16  cards
monoamine hypothesis dep
What does the theory say depressi...,
What kind of imbalance takes place,
What are the the nt involved
20  cards
bio treatment for depression - drugs
Antidepressants are given to pati...,
What do antidepressants help to i...,
What effect should antidepressant...
34  cards
cognitive exp for depression non bio
What is it an explanation of,
What does the explanation believe,
Who developed the explanation and...
44  cards
bradshaw - shiz cbt
What kind of case study was it an...,
How long was the study,
When were the follow ups
52  cards
williams contemporary (icbt and cbm)
What was the aim of the study,
Where were participants recruited...,
How many applied through online s...
49  cards
schizophrenia symptoms
What are the symptom you need to ...,
Describe hallucinations,
What needs to occur for hallucina...
11  cards
reliability and validity of diagnosis
What is reliability of diagnosis,
What is validity of diagnosis,
Why is it difficult to assess the...
24  cards
brown - interview
What was the point of the brown i...,
What were the main aims,
Where did the study take place
20  cards
drug treatment for schizophrenia
What is drug therapy based on,
What do drugs aim to do,
What does an imbalance in chemica...
35  cards
CBT for schizphrenia
What is cbt,
What view does cut take on,
What does cut combine
27  cards
carlson - contemporary study
What was the aim of the study,
What were the two main theories o...,
What is hyperdopamergia
22  cards
seismic waves
When are seismic waves created,
What are the types of seismic waves,
What are the two types of body waves
20  cards
classification systems
What are the two classification s...,
What does the classification of a...,
What does dsm stand for
28  cards
HCPC guidelines
What are the hcpc guidelines,
What do the standards of the hcpc...,
What is the health standard
20  cards
key question
What is the clinical key question,
How many companies have a policy ...,
How many people take days off due...
23  cards

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