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What is assemblage,
Wines made in the fashion of cham...,
Is someone else but champagne all...
238  cards
Champagne Prestige Cuvée
Ayala pc,
Billecart salmonpc where is it based,
Bollingerpc where is it based
48  cards
When did alsace receive aoc status,
When percentage of cremant dalsac...,
Where are the vineyards of alsace...
82  cards
River of chablis,
Soil of chablis,
Chablis aops 3
47  cards
What is the napoleonic code,
What are the practices of metayag...,
5 main wine growing region of bur...
115  cards
Burgundy CDN
Cdn villages aop n to s,
Which villages are covered by the...,
What could be replaced on a label...
101  cards
Burgundy - Côte de Beaune
Corton gc aopwhich villages are w...,
How many climat within the gc,
Name 3 climate of corton
60  cards
Burgundy - Chalonnaise and Mâconnais
Which village appellation in chal...,
Which estate in bouzeron is worki...,
Which village is the center of pr...
20  cards
Burgundy - Monopole
Who owns la bussieres 1er cru and...,
Is clos de tart a monopole,
Who is the sole owner of the prem...
37  cards
Soil of beaujolais,
Which day is beaujolais nouveau r...,
When beaujolais village aop was a...
21  cards
Bordeaux General Questions
What are the jalles,
Which current affect the climate ...,
What s the misted planted w and r...
12  cards
Bordeaux second label
Second label of latite rotschild,
Second label of latour,
Second label of ch mouton rotschild
25  cards
Bordeaux Left Bank
1st growth,
Top communes in medoc,
Villages of margaux
12  cards
Bordeaux Graves
Who produces the cuvee l extravag...,
Who produces cuvee madame,
Who produce the creme de tete
10  cards
Bordeaux Right Bank
Chateaux promoted in 2012 from st...,
Communes of lalande de pomerol aop,
Satellite of st emilion
7  cards
Bordeaux Second Labels and Communes
Name commune and 2nd wine pichon ...,
Name commune and 2nd wine plong c...,
Name commune and 2nd wine ch leov...
77  cards
Italy, Generic North and Piedmont
When was the doc and docg system ...,
Which year the first docg got awa...,
What the goria law established wh...
181  cards
Italy, Valle d'Aosta, Liguria, Emila Romagna
Whats italy s smallest and least ...,
Whats the sole doc of valle daosta,
Where are the wine region sub zones
30  cards
Italy, Lombardia
How many docgs and doc in lombardia,
Name the docg of lombardia,
Can franciacorta be released as s...
48  cards
Italy, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli VG
Describe taa borders,
Which are the two almost autonomo...,
How many doc and docg in the region
52  cards
Italy, Veneto
What does veneto border with,
Whats the italian region that pro...,
How many docg and doc in veneto
67  cards
Italy - Tuscany
In which year the first doc were ...,
Which wines got granted doc statu...,
Is the majority of the tuscany wi...
293  cards
Italy, Central and Southern Italy
How many docg in umbria,
Where is umbria,
What is the docg montefalco sagra...
17  cards
What is galicias easternmost region,
What is the synonym for mission o...,
What does priorat derive it s nam...
472  cards
At which parallel the northernmos...,
Many einzellage followed a nomenc...,
Who founded the famous kloster eb...
75  cards
Germany - Ahr, Mosel, Mittelrhein
Whats the majority of the product...,
Whats iconic about the ahr as a r...,
Whats the dominant grape in the ahr
78  cards
Germany - Rheinegau, Nahe, Rheinhessen, Pfalz
Whats the most planted grape in r...,
Name 2 synonym of riesling that a...,
In which anbaugebiete are kloster...
82  cards
Germany - More
Whats the name of the lake in the...,
Whats the warmest winegrowing reg...,
Name the bereich of baden
130  cards
What is the main river of austria,
When was first recorded trockenbe...,
What were the biggest viticultura...
191  cards
Name the 4 french speaking canton...,
Whats the focus of the italian sp...,
Top which italian region ticino b...
48  cards
USA - History and General
Which wild grapevine species are ...,
What and when were the first atte...,
Which was the first vinifera intr...
108  cards
Usa - California North Coast
Name the 5 main avas of california,
Which areas produce the 75 of cal...,
How many avas in california
152  cards
USA - California Central, South, Sierra
Central coast ava which counties ...,
How relevant are the northern cou...,
Where is livermore valley ava
54  cards
USA - Washington and Oregon
Describe the geographic borders o...,
Describe washington state what se...,
Whats percentage of the total us ...
242  cards
USA - Other States and Mexico
What ava grows 80 of colorados wi...,
How many avas are there in texas ...,
Name three avas of texas
64  cards
Canada and UK
When commercially vinifera vines ...,
What was the most planted grape i...,
How many wineries were operating ...
114  cards
New Zealand
Producers, Main Region
0  cards
Bad bordeaux vintages,
Great vintages
2  cards
Grapes and Synonyms
Name 3 synonym for carmenere
1  cards
Name two classified chateau whose...,
When were red and white wines cla...,
When was the pessac leognan aop f...
79  cards
Bordeaux 2
When was the inao created and whe...,
When did the inao transition from...,
When was vdqs created
184  cards

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