coastal systems and landscapes

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3.1-Introduction To Coastal Systems And Landscapes
Coastal zones are dynamic environ...,
About ___ of the world s populati...,
The coast is an example of an ____
29  cards
3.2- Sources of energy at the coast- systems and processes
The energy to drive the coastal s...,
Describe wind,
Variations in atmospheric pressur...
105  cards
3.3-Coastal Landscape Development
Globally individual coastal locat...,
Despite the sheer variety of coas...,
The characteristics of a particul...
63  cards
3.3- Sea Level Change
There are two ideas relating to s...,
What is eustatic change,
What is isostatic change
30  cards
3.4- coastal management
What proportion of the world s po...,
Some coastal landscapes including...,
Due to coastal landscapes coming ...
45  cards
Hard Management Case Study: Coastal Town Of Morecambe, Lancashire
Lancashire county council like al...,
What are some background facts,
What are the 4 strategies impleme...
10  cards
Soft Management Case Study: Sefton Coast, North Of Liverpool, Lancashire
The sefton coast has the largest,
Why is coastal management needed ...,
What are some of the causes of er...
6  cards
Landform Case Study: Holderness Coast
The holderness coast is a well kn...,
The holderness coast forms a subc...,
Holderness coast essentially comp...
16  cards
Contrasting Coastline: Odisha Coast, India
Where is odisha,
How would you describe the coastline,
How is coastline contrasting to u...
16  cards
3.5- Qualitative And Quantitative skills in coastal landscapes
Coastal landscapes provide a weal...,
Quantitative investigations of lo...,
Coastal fieldwork also produces q...
8  cards

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coastal systems and landscapes

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