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Types of Experiment
Lab experiment definition,
Strengths of lab,
Weakness of a lab
6  cards
Experimental and Research Design
Repeated measured design definition,
Strengths of repeated measured de...,
Weaknesses of repeated measured d...
11  cards
Evaluating Research
Internal validity,
Rpredictive validity
7  cards
Cognitive Practical
Procedure hypothesis,
Design used
13  cards
Individual Differences
Differences between people,
Daniela palombo et al what did th...,
What did palombo finnd results
4  cards
Developmental Psych - Alzheimer's
8 stages of alzheimers brain stru...,
8 stages of alzheimers what happens
2  cards
Who made it,
What is it,
4 main components of working memo...
13  cards
Multi-store model of memory
Sensory register what it is,
Sensory register capacity encodin...,
Stm what it is
14  cards
Explanation of LTM
Episodic memory is,
Key features of episodic memory,
Semantic memory
7  cards
Reconstructive Memory
Reconstructive memory study name ...,
What war of the ghosts was
9  cards
Dyslexia Key Question
Dyslexia statistics,
What is dyslexia,
Indications of dyslexia
11  cards
Treatments of Dyslexia
Describe the issue,
Classroom strategies 1,
Classroom strategies phonix
5  cards
Sebastian and Hernandez Gil (2012)
Setting of experiment
18  cards
Baddeley (1966)
10  cards
Multi-store Model of Memory Strengths and Weaknesses
0  cards
Experiments and Hypothesis
0  cards
Internal Validity
0  cards
Qualitative vs Quantitative
0  cards
Issues and Debates
0  cards

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