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Chapter One
What were the beliefs of the ussr,
What were the beliefs of the usa,
What was the percentages agreemen...
17  cards
Chapter Two
When was stalins intent to establ...,
How were communist regimes imposed,
What was the attitude towards com...
19  cards
Chapter Three
What was the usas initial approac...,
What did dean g acheson and clayt...,
What did britain not want its rel...
7  cards
Chapter Four
What was the allied control council,
What did stalin intend to do rega...,
What actions did stalin take in h...
19  cards
Chapter Five
What policy did the usa introduce...,
What did the usa desire to achiev...,
When did japans geopolitical sign...
13  cards
Chapter Six
What was agreed at potsdam regard...,
Who were the leaders of the north...,
What was kim il sungs stance
19  cards
Chapter Seven
By 1951 what happened concerning ...,
After the korean war 1953 what as...,
What was the scandal surrounding ...
16  cards
Chapter Eight
What did eisenhower elected 1952 ...,
What happened in 1953 to the sino...,
What was seato which countries sh...
18  cards
Chapter Nine
What was the secret speech,
What did khrushchev hope to achie...,
What happened after the secret sp...
19  cards
Chapter Ten
How were the ussr and usa contrad...,
What was the process of the nucle...,
What was the strategic air command
15  cards
Chapter Eleven
What was ho chi minhs aim regardi...,
What was diem like as a leader,
What was the nlf
16  cards
Chapter Twelve
What was cubas interest to the usa,
What did castro do,
What action did castro take after...
20  cards
Chapter Thirteen
What was a clear approach to john...,
What was oplan 34a,
How did johnson continue kennedys...
20  cards
Chapter Fourteen
What did nixon promise upon takin...,
What did nixon replace johnsons f...,
How did nixon aim for his vietnam...
23  cards
Chapter Fifteen
After the cuban missile crisis wh...,
What did the report of the nation...,
What did mad show
18  cards
Chapter Sixteen
What was the khrushchev era perce...,
What was the brehznev era perceiv...,
In which ways was khrushchev perc...
21  cards
Chapter Seventeen
What did kissinger attempt with c...,
What did kissinger attempt with t...,
What became apparent by 1972 in r...
20  cards
Chapter Eighteen
What moves had the ussr and the u...,
What was the anti ballistic misil...,
What was the interim agreement on...
21  cards
Chapter Nineteen
What happened in afghanistan in 1...,
Why did the soviets view interven...,
When did the soviet intervention ...
20  cards
Chapter Twenty
In the aftermath of the cuban mis...,
What was the situation in africa ...,
What happened in 1974 in angola
25  cards
Chapter Twenty-One
What problems were there in the b...,
What reforms did brezhnev origina...,
What was the ninth and tenth five...
26  cards
Chapter Twenty-Two
What did gorbachev understand reg...,
What was reagans position regardi...,
What happened november 1985
17  cards
Chapter Twenty-Three
What problems did eastern europea...,
How did ee leaders respond to gor...,
By the end of 1989 what was the o...
24  cards
Chapter Twenty-Four
What did the soviet politburo rea...,
What did brezhnev believe regardi...,
What action did gorbachev take wi...
14  cards

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