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Robbins Chapter 2 Key Concepts
Appearance hypertrophy,
Cause of hypertrophy,
What type of cells does hypertrop...
27  cards
Robbins Chapter 2 Morphology
First manifestation of almost all...,
Appearance when there is cell inj...,
Nonlethal injury pattern distende...
47  cards
Robbins Chapter 3 Key Concepts
Cells associated with acute respi...,
Cells associated with asthma,
Cells associated with glomerulone...
52  cards
Robbins Chapter 4 Morphology
Definition of edema,
Subcutaneous edema,
Periorbital edema
24  cards
Robbins Chapter 3 Morphology
Morphology of activated macrophag...,
Morphology of giant cells in gran...,
What cases the central zone of ne...
5  cards
Robbins Chapter 4 Key Concepts
Protein rich edema,
Protein poor edema,
5 causes of edema
10  cards
Robbins Chapter 5 Tables
Autosomal dominant disorders affe...,
Autosomal dominant disorders affe...,
Autosomal dominant disorders affe...
68  cards
Robbins Chapter 5 Key Concepts
Characteristics of autosomal domi...,
What do autosomal dominant disord...,
What is mostly affected in autoso...
66  cards
Robbins Chapter 5 Morphology
Skeletal abnormalities in marfan ...,
Joints of someone with marfan syn...,
Head of a person with marfan synd...
29  cards
Robbins Chapter 6 Key Concepts
Receptor families used in innate ...,
What are the mediators of adaptiv...,
Characteristics of t cells
69  cards
Robbins Chapter 6 Tables
Immediate type i hypersens immune...,
Immediate type i hypersens histop...,
Immediate type i hypersens protot...
60  cards
Robbins Chapter 6 Morphology
Principal morphologic manifestati...,
Fibrinoid necrosis,
Fibrinoid necrosis morphology
39  cards
Chapter 6 Guerin Lecture Part 2
Pathologic autoimmunity confirmed...,
What are immune mediated inflamma...,
Systemic autoimmune diseaeses 4
30  cards
Chapter 6- SLE
Epidemiology of sle,
What organs are involved in sle 4,
What autoantibodies are always pr...
46  cards
Chapter 6- Sjogren Syndrome
Characteristics of sjogren syndrome,
Clinical consequences of keratoco...,
Clinical consequences of xerostom...
10  cards
Chapter 6- Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma)
Characteristics of systemic scler...,
What organs can be involved in sy...,
How does majority of death occur ...
13  cards
Chapter 6- Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and IgG4 Related Disease
What is mixed connective tissue d...,
Later results of mixed connective...,
Serious complications in mixed co...
7  cards
Chapter 6- Rejection of Tissue Transplant
Process of rejection,
Where are major antigenic differe...,
Characteristics of hla genes
41  cards
Chapter 6- Immunodeficiency Syndromes
When are primary congenital syndr...,
What defects occur in primary con...,
Defect in innate immune system in...
47  cards
Chapter6- AIDS
What does aids stand for,
Cause of aids,
Characteristics of aids
55  cards
Chapter 6- Amyloidosis
What occurs during amyloidosis,
How are abnormal fibrils produced...,
What do fibrillar deposits bind i...
11  cards

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