comm 225: operations management

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Ch 1 book: Introduction to Operations Management
World class manufacturing wcm,
Operations management,
A process
77  cards
Ch 2 book: competitiveness, strategic planning, and productivity
Strategic planning
52  cards
Ch 17 book: Project Management
A project,
A program,
Project performance goals that al...
100  cards
Ch 1 PP: Introduction to Operations Management
What is operations management,
Companies use om to improve what,
Three basic functions
18  cards
gyu and hard mcps before midterm
A major limitation of using gantt...,
Project execution refers to the d...,
Which of the following is not lik...
37  cards
ch 2 PP:
Order qualifiers,
Order winners
25  cards
ch 17 PP:
Performance goals,
Project phases
57  cards
chapter 3 book: demand forecasting
A demand forecast,
Anticipated demand is derived fro...,
Which are the three types of uses...
113  cards
chapter 12 book: inventory management
Independent demand,
Demand for manufacturing parts is...,
An inventory or stock
124  cards
chapter 3 powerpoint: forecasting
A demand forecast,
3 uses for forecasts,
Features of forecasts
62  cards
chapter 9: management of quality
Quality control,
Quality assurance
77  cards
guy mcqs before midterm 2
Cause and effect diagrams are som...,
Armand feigenbaum was general ele...,
A fishbone diagram would be used ...
65  cards
chapter 10: statistical quality control
Statistical quality control,
The part of statistical quality c...,
Phases of statistical quality con...
78  cards
chapter 18: waiting line analysis
When do waiting lines occur,
Downsides of waiting lines,
Queueing theory
36  cards
chapter 11: supply chain management
A supply chain,
Two kinds of movements in a suppl...,
Value ch ins
119  cards
gyu mcps before final
Which of the following is include...,
Which of the following is not a p...,
The perspective of business organ...
28  cards
supplement 1: LP
2 general techniques for lp,
Graphical lp,
Computer lp solutions
19  cards

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comm 225: operations management

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