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Ch 7 - Manufacturing Processes
What are manufacturing processes,
The high level view of what is re...,
What is lead time
13  cards
Ch 8 - Facility Layout
What does layout decisions entail,
Which are the input to layout dec...,
Which are the three basic types o...
25  cards
Ch 9 Service Processes
What is a service package,
Which features does a service bun...,
High and low degree of customer c...
18  cards
Ch 10 - Waiting line
Useful suggestions for managing q...,
What parts does the queuing syste...,
Waiting line formulas generally r...
11  cards
Ch Appendixs
What is the opportunity cost,
What is avoidable costs,
What is expected value
10  cards
CH 16 - Global Sourcing
What is outsourcing,
What is innovative and functional...,
Stable vs evolving supply process
11  cards
Ch 17 - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
What is enterprise resource plann...,
Consistent numbers,
There are four aspects of erp sof...
20  cards
Ch 18 - Forecasting
Forecasting in business,
What is strategic forecasts,
Tactical forecasts
32  cards
Ch 19 - Sales and Operations Planning
A story,
Aggregate operation plans,
What is the goal and benefit of s...
29  cards
Ch 20 - Inventory Management
Logistics managers have to perfor...,
What is a decoupling point,
What is inventory
11  cards
Ch 21 - Material Requirements Planning
In the case of apples material co...,
What is material requirements pla...,
How to determine the number of de...
14  cards
Ch 14 - Lean Supply Chain
What is lean manufacturing,
What is customer value and waste,
How does uncertainty arise in the...
16  cards
Operation Strategy chapter
What is the operation strategy co...,
What is the content of operation ...,
How can companies articulate thei...
11  cards
Ch 22 - Workcenter Scheduling
What is a schedule,
What is a manufacturing execution...,
What is a workcenter
16  cards
Ch 23 - Theory of constraints
Eli goldratts idea,
What is the theory of constrains,
The toc five step approach
27  cards
Ch 25 - Operations Consulting
Today s operational ceos realize ...,
What is operation consulting,
Actions to improve processes
9  cards
Ch 12 - Six Sigma Quality
So what is six sigma,
Why sigma,
What is total control management tcm
29  cards
Ch 13 - Statistically quality control
What is statistically quality con...,
As you will see sqc can be applie...,
Processes that provide goods and ...
17  cards
Ch 3 - Design of Products and Services
Rather than thinking of design as...,
A challange that companies faces,
In todays world
12  cards
Ch 4 - Projects
How can products be categorized,
Which are the degrees of change a...,
What is a project
18  cards

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