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SG: Assessment Test: 220-1002
Which windows 10 feature replaces...,
What is the last step that should...,
Which tool will allow you to read...
34  cards
SG: Ch 15: Operating System Basics
Which of the following allows you...,
Which operating system feature of...,
What is the minimum amount of mem...
20  cards
SG: Ch 16: Operating System Administration
You need to verify network connec...,
Which of the following utilities ...,
Which of the following commands c...
20  cards
SG: Ch 17: Working with Windows 10
You need to install a 64 bit vers...,
Where is the boot configuration d...,
Which feature is used to align wi...
20  cards
SG: Ch 18: Working with Windows 8/8.1
Windows 7 ultimate can be upgrade...,
For a 64 bit installation of wind...,
Which tool from microsoft simplif...
20  cards
SG: Ch 19: Working with Windows 7
In windows 7 what is the default ...,
What is the maximum number of phy...,
In order to curb software piracy ...
20  cards
SG: Ch 20: Working with MAC OS and Linux
What is the name of the area at t...,
Which of the following is a macos...,
Which of the following linux comm...
20  cards
SG: Ch 21: Scripting and Remote Access
Which microsoft remote protocol a...,
Which environment variable is not...,
Which statement about scripting l...
20  cards
SG: Ch 22: Security Concepts
Which component of physical secur...,
Which of the following is differe...,
Which type of attack denies autho...
20  cards
SG: Ch 23: Securing Operating Systems
A user is in both the sales group...,
A user is in the sales group the ...,
You need to secure your mobile de...
20  cards
SG: Ch 24: Troubleshooting Operating Systems and Security
What is a potential security issu...,
Which of the following programs c...,
Which bootrec option can be used ...
20  cards
SG: Ch 25: Documentation and Professionalism
You just had an outage of interne...,
Which backup media is the fastest...,
You just finished repairing a net...
20  cards
SG: Ch 26: Safety and Environmental Concerns
Which of the following are osha r...,
You have a failed crt monitor tha...,
Your office just added 20 new wor...
20  cards
SG: Practice Exam 1
You were working at a customer si...,
You purchased an adapter to mirro...,
Your users report that when they ...
50  cards
SG: Practice Exam 2
You just finished installing wind...,
Your supervisor asks you to plan ...,
Which type of malware is able to ...
50  cards
RG: Ch 6: Operating Systems
Which of the following provides a...,
Which version of windows 7 can be...,
What is the name of the user inte...
18  cards
RG: Ch 7: Security
Which of the following physical c...,
Which windows group allows member...,
What element of a virus uniquely ...
20  cards
RG: Ch 8: Software Troubleshooting
What is external code that change...,
Which of the following is the not...,
Which of the following is the fir...
10  cards
RG: Ch 9: Operational Procedures
Which of the following is written...,
Which of the following should the...,
Which of the following is a numbe...
18  cards
RG: Practice Exam 1
Which command can be used to add ...,
Which of the following prevents t...,
Which switch is used with ipconfi...
50  cards
RG: Practice Exam 2
What is the minimum ram requireme...,
Into which tool was the security ...,
What utility is started with msts...
50  cards

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