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Chapter 1 - Motherboards, Processors and Memory
Which computer component contains...,
Which packaging is used for ddr s...,
What memory chips would you find ...
20  cards
Assessment Test
Which layer of the osi model has ...,
Which of the following topologies...,
Which cable standard is used for ...
60  cards
Chapter 2 - Storage Devices and Power Supplies
What is the physical component wh...,
Which of the following is not one...,
What is the largest ntfs volume s...
20  cards
Chapter 3 - Peripherals and Expansion
You want to plug a keyboard into ...,
What is the maximum speed of usb ...,
Which of the following standards ...
20  cards
Chapter 4 - Display Devices
Which of the following would be t...,
An associate is trying to explain...,
Which of the following is true re...
20  cards
Chapter 5 - Custom Configurations
Which of the following is not a r...,
Which of the following is require...,
Why do virtualization workstation...
20  cards
Chapter 6 - Networking Fundamentals
____________________ is immune to...,
Which ieee 802 standard defines a...,
Which osi layer signals all clear...
20  cards
Chapter 7 - Introduction to TCP/IP
You have just set up a network th...,
You have a computer with the ip a...,
Which tcp ip protocol uses port 8...
20  cards
Chapter 8 - Installing Wireless and SOHO Networks
Which of the following wireless i...,
What is the primary function of t...,
Which two of the following are st...
20  cards
Chapter 9 - Understanding Laptops
Where can you obtain the service ...,
Which of the following is not a b...,
Which of the following are compon...
20  cards
Chapter 10 - Installing and Configuring Printers
Which voltage is applied to the p...,
Which types of printers are refer...,
Which of the following is not an ...
20  cards
Chapter 11 - Understanding Operational Procedures
A computer is experiencing random...,
Which of the following is used to...,
Which of the following must conta...
20  cards
Chapter 12 - Operating System Basics
You just clicked start a run on a...,
Which part of the operating syste...,
The taskbar can be increased in s...
20  cards
Chapter 13 - Operating System Administration
Which switch can be used with pin...,
In windows which of the following...,
Which utility works like ping but...
5  cards

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