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Weber - General
7  cards
Weber - text
What is his case study focused on,
Superior rationality of protestants
35  cards
weber - secondary
Algevall definition,
Algevall natural,
Agevall on weber thesis
25  cards
weber - essay
Para 1 definition of religion,
Para 2 economics and religion
7  cards
Intro thought,
Intro primitive religion,
Intro role of sociology
28  cards
colonialism general
Key theme,
8  cards
colonialism - provincialising summary
Intro relationship between histor...
40  cards
colonialism - orientalist summary
Intro what is the orient,
Intro orient and power struggles,
Intro 3 aspects of contemporary r...
40  cards
colonialism - secondary lit
Alison moutz,
Moutz on ethnicity,
Stroumsa on indians
12  cards
colonialism essay
3 paras,
1 the other,
1 ao2
7  cards
symbol and power - geertz islam observed
Preface aim,
Preface warnings about social sys...,
Preface solution to generalising ...
62  cards
symbol and power - asad
Intro assumption re western history,
Intro history as active
57  cards
symbol and power - geertz, religion as a cultural system
View of contemporary anthropology,
How do we define symbols,
Culture as linked to symbol
13  cards
symbol and ritual - mary Douglas
Purity and impurity,
Chapter 1
14  cards
symbol and ritual - chisungu
Women as internal,
Chisungu as part of organisation ...,
29  cards
symbol and ritual - the forest of symbols, victor turner
1 what is the ritual,
1 the milk tree,
1 main theme of puberty ritual
34  cards
symbol and ritual - they shall take up serpents
Intro and case study,
Chapter 1 the ceremony,
1 impact of police on ceremony
16  cards
evangelicalism - general
3  cards
evangelicalism - ault, spirit and flesh
Xi valenti,
Ault motive
23  cards
evangelicalism - bible believers, ammerman
Impact of biography on study
34  cards
evangelicalism - Falwell, harding
The account involves,
How the evangelical world of lang...,
How us fundamentalism in 20th cen...
41  cards
gender - Strahan, aliens and strangers
Lecture notes,
Welby intro,
Focus of book
24  cards
gender - badran, feminism in islam
The term gender activism,
Contemporary context
13  cards
gender - nieuwkerk, women embracing islam
Islamic feminism vs political islam,
Feminism as linked to individuals...,
3 stages in conversion
17  cards
gender - radojcic, lgbt catholics
Case study,
Aim of dignity members,
Background on dignity
15  cards
gender - politics of piety, mahmood
Why have scholars dismissed bodil...,
Dawa movement and aristotelianism,
2 disavowals chapter 5
15  cards
gender - secondary literature
Heschel written documents,
Heschel moments of female agency,
Herschel danger with feminist his...
9  cards
secularism - lecture notes
Secularisation thesis,
Secularisation as a narrative
6  cards
secularism - what matters? bender and taves
Main discussion,
Problems with main discussion,
Intro definition of secularism an...
33  cards
secularism - Sacred and Secular
What does the book demonstrate an...,
Human security,
Religious values hypothesis
25  cards
secularism - varieties of secularism in a secular age
What is taylors main argument,
3 types of secularity taylor,
Taylor wants to change the way we...
23  cards
secularism - secondary lit
Topal definition of secularism,
Topal islamic history,
Masud western vs muslim secularism
5  cards
gender - essay
How does religion impact toleranc...,
Evangelicalism and anti homosexua...,
Impact of religious institution
5  cards
secularism - essay
9  cards
science and religion - general
Fundamental questions,
New atheists,
Was the enlightenment anti xian
7  cards
science and religion - Long – Evolution and Religion in American Education
Layout of story,
Social element to evolutionary views,
Summary of views
31  cards
science and religion 2ndry
Conflicting or compatible longest...,
Conflicting or compatible longest...,
Conflicting or compatible longest...
20  cards
berkman and plutzer - evolution, creationism and the battle to control America's classrooms
Chapter 1 scopes trial,
1 political struggle
38  cards
science and religion - forget Dawkins, Tremlett and shih
Intro what is new atheism,
Intro what do the ethnographers show,
1 new atheist revision of evoluti...
24  cards
science and religion secondary
0  cards
science and religion essay
0  cards
religious improvisations general
Features of revivalism,
Power of the mind,
Utopian aspect
6  cards
religious improvisations - making of a moonie
What is barkers focus,
Analysis of straw men argument,
Moonie and brainwashing investiga...
22  cards
religious improvisations - aliens adored, palmer
What is the study and how can we ...,
12  cards
religious improvisation - scientology, Hugh urban
What could it also be used to ans...,
Scandal in scientology,
Urban motive
24  cards
religious improvisations - essay
0  cards
religion and politics - general
In the uk,
Link to weber
2  cards
religion and politics - Salomon, for love of the prophet
What does he look at,
Intro islam in sudan and western ...,
Intro how political system is lived
39  cards
religion and politics - god's agents, engelke
What is the study focused on,
British and foreign bible society,
Counteracting of private religion
21  cards
religion and politics - religion and public opinion, clements
Perspective and analysis,
Stats re personal engagement with...
12  cards
miracles and images - lecture
Key issues orthodox view,
Orthodox view of idolatry
10  cards
miracles and images - 1, eastern christians and religious objects
What did the writer see,
Icon in procession,
Main opinions expressed re ineffi...
19  cards
miracles and images - chapter 2, a dual quarrel of images on the middle volga
Difference between xian veneratio...,
Hans belting
20  cards
miracles and images - chapter 6, exorcising demons in post-soviet Ukraine
Post socialist revival of religion,
Account of western ukraine
17  cards
Insider outsider festinger ufo cu...,
Insider outsider festinger ufo cu...,
Observer as participant eileen ba...
11  cards

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