contract law ( study)

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Offer and Acceptance
Smith v hughes,
What ingredients must be present ...,
An agreement may be made
61  cards
Misrepresentation question
1 terms question,
1 misrepresent questions,
1a indetify parties losses
3  cards
Agreement Question
0  cards
Currie v misa what constitutes co...,
Consideration with detriment to t...,
A sells to b b may sell to c but ...
46  cards
Remedies 1
Expectation damages compensatory ...,
Expectation damages measuring los...,
Loss of amenity ruxley electronic...
12  cards
Remedies 2
Fours limits on the protection of...,
Mitigation general principle,
Mitigation reasonableness british...
31  cards
Remedies 3
Parties may agree to what the rem...,
The most common agreed remedy cla...,
Agreed damages liquidated damages...
32  cards
Part-payment of a debt and Promissory Estoppel
Estoppel overview example 1 a lie...,
Pickard v sears,
The diversity of estoppel example...
13  cards
Intention to create legal relations
Baird textile holdings ltd v mark...,
Walton v walton,
Rose and frank co v crompton brot...
16  cards
Privity of Contract
D ibbetson a historical introduct...,
Dunlop pneumatic tyre co ltd v se...,
Tweddle v atkinson 1861 1 b s 93 ...
7  cards
Barton v armstrong 1976 ac 104 pc...,
Duress and consent m chen wishart...,
Types of duress
39  cards
Undue Influence
Actual and presumed undue influen...,
Actual and presumed undue influen...,
Undue influence means unconsciona...
24  cards
The basic rule,
Bell v lever bros ltd 1932 ac 161...,
Different rule for gifts or other...
23  cards
Misrepresentation I & II
Vitiating factors,
Results of the law s adversarial ...,
A misrepresentation that is actio...
24  cards
When does frustration usually occur,
Frustration and mistake,
Frustration and mistake facts cha...
46  cards
Performance and Breach
Performance what are contingent o...,
Condition precedent,
Condition subsequent
31  cards
1. Agreement I & II
Definition of offer,
Requirements of an offer,
Case reference on agreement
27  cards
Agreement III & IV
No need to communicate acceptance...
1  cards
Terms of the Contract I & II
0  cards
Exemption Clauses I & II
0  cards
Discharge I
0  cards
Discharge of Contract II
0  cards

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contract law ( study)

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