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Ch. 7 * (Telecommunications Spaces)
Telecommunications room tr,
Equipment room er,
Entrance facility ef
60  cards
Ch. 1 * (Principles of Transmission)
Advantages of stranded conductors,
Another name for insulation
153  cards
Ch. 2 (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
Conducted coupling,
Internal emi sources,
Emi sources
37  cards
Ch. 3 (ITS Cables and Connecting Hardware)
Screened twisted pair,
Common styles of screening,
Stranded vs solid conductors
31  cards
Ch. 4 (Work Areas)
Each work area must have a minimu...,
Outlets should be located near ____,
33  cards
Ch. 6 * (Backbone Distribution Systems)
One level hierarchical star,
Mc should be at ___ of bldgs bein...,
Physical ring
48  cards
Ch. 8 * (Firestopping)
Secondary functions of fire stop ...,
Surviving fire test
40  cards
Ch. 14 (CATV)
Private catv distribution system ...,
Trunk tap,
Series 11
10  cards
Ch. 9 * (Bonding & Grounding)
Safeguard against ___ due to elec...,
Device used to test the impedance...,
Ground every ___ floor pedestal
29  cards
Ch. 10 * (Power Distribution)
Matching waveforms,
Ohm s law,
57  cards
Ch. 11 (Telecommunications Administration)
Class 2 administration includes,
Unacceptable labels,
Labeling standard
26  cards
Ch. 12 (Testing)
Tdr is not required for acceptanc...,
Level iie testers
12  cards
Ch. 13 (Design, Construction and Project Management)
Scheduling tools,
Pert diagrams are used to ___
23  cards
Ch. 15 (Paging)
Jet airplane takeoff,
Levels above 95 db,
Ceiling loudspeaker distribution ...
13  cards
Ch. 16 (Building Automation Systems)
V d cabling is not usually ___,
Bas technologies are usually upgr...,
Total integrated systems approach...
29  cards
Ch. 18 * (Wireless)
47  cards
Ch. 17 * (Data Network Design)
Physical design,
Osi model,
Iso international organization fo...
54  cards
Ch. 19 (Electronic Safety & Security)
Ess roles,
Ess is a balancing act between __...,
Mortise locks
28  cards
Ch. 20 * (OSP)
Osp must be transitioned to indoo...
24  cards
Ch. 21 (Data Centers)
Routing of copper and power cabling,
Layers of computer room security,
Types of access control
4  cards
Ch. 22 (Health Care)
Tr size to serve 25 000 sq,
Pneumatic tube,
Tone visual nurse call system
7  cards
Ch. 23 (Special Design Considerations)
Hospitals are required to provide...,
Side reach telephone height
14  cards
Ch. 24 (Residential Cabling)
Multimedia cabling,
Ado should support ___ balanced t...
8  cards
Ch. 5 * (Horizontal Distribution Systems)
Usable floorspace includes ___,
Work area,
Bas density
70  cards

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