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Chapter 8- Skin Disorders And Disease
A flat part or discoloration on t...,
A freckle is an example of a mark...,
A blank forms from a papule when ...
46  cards
Chapter 16
Surfaces on the head where the he...,
Reference points and a haircut ar...,
Achieving balance within a design...
79  cards
Chapter 14
The blink for design are likely t...,
The five basic elements of a thre...,
What element of hair design defin...
49  cards
Chapter 12 - Chemistry
The branch of science that applie...,
All hair color products are organ...,
What is the study of substances t...
36  cards
Chapter 11 - properties of the hair and scalp
What term refers to the scientifi...,
The greek word trichos means,
The hair skin nails and glands ar...
68  cards
Chapter 10- nail Disorders And diseases
The surface of a healthy natural ...,
Clients with skin or nails that a...,
Visible depressions running acros...
37  cards
Chapter 9 - Nail structure and growth
The natural nail is part of what ...,
The natural nail is composed main...,
Which statement is true of the na...
24  cards
Chapter 7 - Skin Structure, Growth, & Nutrition
About how many years of post high...,
The average adult skins weighs _ ...,
The surface of healthyskin is sli...
38  cards
Color basics
Level 10,
Level 9 shade name,
Level 8 shade name
28  cards
Chapter 18
Historically the first highly dec...,
As early as 3000 bc blank women w...,
Hairstyling that does not alter t...
42  cards
Chapter 19
In blank perukes were worn by men...,
The market for products and servi...,
Human hair burns blank giving off...
38  cards
Chapter 21
Clients who have their hair color...,
_________ is a professional indus...,
The ________ of the clients hair ...
80  cards
Chapter 20
______ give you the ability to pe...,
Without a thorough understanding ...,
What tough exterior layer of the ...
85  cards
Chapter 22
The most common form of hair remo...,
What are the most frequent hair r...,
What technical term refers to the...
50  cards

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