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Chapter 11 - Properties of Hair and Scalp
The two parts of a mature strand ...,
The tube like depression or pocke...,
Hair follicles are not found on t...
110  cards
Chapter 18 - Braiding & Braid Extensions
In natural hairstyling services t...,
Which of the following is recomme...,
The _______ face is a too long ov...
64  cards
Chapter 6 - General Anatomy & Physiology
The dense active protoplasm found...,
Human cells reproduce by mitosis ...,
The _______ is the protoplasm of ...
126  cards
Chapter 31 - On the Job
The number one thing to remember ...,
Which of these is not a standard ...,
Being a good team player includes...
35  cards
Chapter 32 - The Salon Business
Another name for an individual ow...,
Supplies used in the daily busine...,
Supplies purchased by a salon wit...
40  cards
State Board - Mock Exam - Module G-Q
A sign of a bacterial infection i...,
The nervous system as a whole is ...,
The lifting of the nail plate fro...
100  cards
State Board - Mock Exam - Module E-O
The surface of healthy skin is sl...,
Makeup brushes can be cleaned wit...,
The hair shaft that emerges from ...
97  cards
Chapter 8 - Skin Disorders & Diseases
It is recommended that you wear a...,
A ________ is an abnormal rounded...,
Which of these terms refers to th...
30  cards
Chapter 1 - History & Career Opportunities
The ancient _________ were the fi...,
Th achieve the look of greater in...,
During the middle ages women wore...
15  cards
Chapter 13 - Basics of Electricity
Electric wires are usually covere...,
A ________ is a device that chang...,
The term ___________ refers to a ...
55  cards
Chapter 23 - Facials
When performing a skin analysis w...,
Skin that has small pores and may...,
Oily skin that produces too much ...
85  cards
Chapter 2 - Life Skills
Which of these terms refers to th...,
All of the following are reasons ...,
Which of the following is one of ...
25  cards
Chapter 15 - Scalp Care, Shampooing & Conditioning
Which of the following is classif...,
Small amounts of chlorine can be ...,
The ingredients on shampoo are li...
65  cards
Chapter 14 - Principles of Hair Design
For a client with gold tones a __...,
In designing for clients with lar...,
Balance is described as creating ...
30  cards
Chapter 5 - Infection Control: Principles & Practices
Which type of bacteria can cause ...,
Bacteria that grow in pairs and c...,
Lyme disease and syphilis are cau...
107  cards
Chapter 19 - Wigs and Hair Additions
The fastest way to determine whet...,
Which of the following is a disad...,
When performing a haircutting pro...
60  cards
Chapter 12 - Basics of Chemistry
Inorganic chemistry is the study ...,
A ______ is a substance that cann...,
Chemically joining two or more at...
61  cards
Chapter 22 - Hair Removal
During the consultation all clien...,
An absolute requirement for laser...,
In the nape area the most common ...
56  cards
Chapter 24 - Facial Makeup
A _____ foundation provides heavi...,
Makeup should be blended onto the...,
A ______ color is lighter that th...
60  cards
Chapter 7 - Skin Structure, Growth and Nutrition
A n ________ is a physician who s...,
Healthy skin is a smooth with a f...,
All of the following are appendag...
60  cards
Chapter 16 - Haircutting
The reference point that signals ...,
The straight lines used to build ...,
The straight lines used to remove...
103  cards
Chapter 17 - Hair Styling
The first step in the hairstyling...,
Shaping and directing the hair in...,
In creating horizontal finger wav...
95  cards
Chapter 21 - Haircoloring
The layer of the hair that provid...,
In individual hair stands hair te...,
If the cuticle is lifted allowing...
116  cards
Chapter 9 - Nail Structure and Growth
A normal healthy nail a is comple...,
The portion of the living skin on...,
The ______ is the whitish half mo...
35  cards
Chapter 10 - Nail Disorders and Diseases
A normal healthy nail is firm fle...,
If a client has ridges running ve...,
The medical term for fungal infec...
40  cards
Chapter 20 - Chemical Texture Services
The chemical texture service that...,
The layer of the hair that provid...,
The natural ph of hair is a 45b 5...
65  cards
Chapter 25 - Manicuring
A manicuring table lamp should us...,
Fine grit abrasives are designed ...,
It takes approximately ______ to ...
60  cards
Chapter 26 - Pedicuring
When performing a pedicure you sh...,
What are the basic steps to prope...,
The weekly maintenance procedure ...
50  cards
Chapter 27 - Nail Tips and Wraps
A _____ is a plastic pre molded f...,
The shallow depression area of a ...,
When applying nail tips to the na...
34  cards
Chapter 28 - Monomer Liquid & Polymer Powder Enhancements
Acrylic methacrylate nail enhance...,
As monomer liquid absorbs a polym...,
The initiator added to polymer po...
54  cards
Chapter 29 - UV Gels
A n ______ is a short chain of mo...,
What is the most common uv lamp o...,
Uv gel product are usually packag...
40  cards
Chapter 30 - Seeking Employment
The typical independent salon has...,
Which type of salon shares a nati...,
Making contact with salons and pr...
35  cards

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