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Chapter One: Professional Development
Fatigue can be prevented through,
In order to avoid getting caught ...,
Personal and professional well be...
27  cards
Chapter Two: Salon Ecology
The study of bacteria,
Term that means the same as germ ...,
Bacterial cells that are harmless...
56  cards
Chapter Three: Anatomy and Physiology
The study of the organs and syste...,
The three parts of cells,
Control center of cell activity
94  cards
Chapter Four: Electricity
Light heat chemical and megnetic ...,
Material that best best transport...,
Silver and copper transmit electr...
37  cards
Chapter Five: Chemistry
Anything that occupies space,
Not an example of physical change,
Melting ice and boiling water is ...
51  cards
Chapter Six: Salon Business
Not a guideline used when creatin...,
Illegal for an employer to ask du...,
Least important factor when deciding
28  cards
Chapter Seven: Trichology
Not one of the main purposes of hair,
Technical tern for the study of hair,
Which portion of hair displays li...
77  cards
Chapter Eight: Design Decisions
The arrangement of shapes lines a...,
Any portion or part in relation t...,
Not one of the three levels of ob...
35  cards
Chapter Nine: Sculpture
The foundation for all other hair...,
The outer boundary or silhouette ...,
The term used to describe the hai...
48  cards
Chapter Ten: Hair Design
The art of dressing and arranging...,
The tool that allows the greatest...,
The type of comb that is used for...
80  cards
Chapter Eleven: Wigs and Hair Additions
The hair type most often used to ...,
The type of human hair wig that i...,
Generally hair from india is wavy...
30  cards
Chapter Twelve: Texture
When performing an alkaline wave ...,
The main ingredient found in an a...,
The chemical phase of perms does ...
78  cards
Chapter Thirteen: Color
Considered to be the three pure c...,
When mixing two primary colors in...,
A mixture of blue with what color...
92  cards
Chapter Fourteen: The Study of Nails
Considered appendages of the skin,
The primary purpose of the free e...,
The folds of skin on either side ...
69  cards
Chapter Fifteen: The Study of Skin
0  cards

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