court of master sommelier level 2

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What is the primary white grape o...,
What kind of wine is permitted in...,
Name four producers of white wine...
48  cards
Viticulture & Vinification
What is passilerage,
What is viticulture,
What is vinification
31  cards
What are the four main groups of ...,
What are some types of fungal dis...,
What are some types of bacterial ...
10  cards
French Wine Law
0  cards
Champagne & Sparkling Wine
What is the cvic,
What is the methode champenoise,
What are the varietals used in ch...
60  cards
What are the first growths of the...,
The majority of first growths are...,
What is the first growth in pessa...
20  cards
Rhone Valley
What are the pudding stones at ch...,
What is the water source of the r...,
What is the mistral
19  cards
What is the primary varietal of p...,
What is the loire valley name for...,
Where in france is the loire vall...
10  cards
What is the awbc,
Who produces grange,
Which australian gi is highly reg...
27  cards
New Zealand
What is the dominant varietal in ...,
Which island in new zealand is ha...,
Who is the father of new zealand ...
8  cards
South Africa
What two grape varietals are used...,
What is the southernmost district...,
What type of wine do the paarl an...
5  cards
North America
Name four producers of oregon pin...,
What was the first bonded winery ...,
What ava experiences the warmest ...
15  cards
What is the red grape of valtellina,
What is the dominant grape variet...,
Which red grape varietal is culti...
54  cards
What are the pradicat levels of g...,
True or false pradikatswein is or...,
Which term indicates a dry german...
41  cards
What is the grape varietal most a...,
What red grape varietals are most...,
What is the dessert wine associat...
17  cards
What wine is hungary most famous for,
What is tokaji,
What does the term puttonyos refe...
8  cards
What style of wine is greece most...,
What is retsina,
How was retsina developed
9  cards
Spain & Sherry
Cencibel is a synonym for what grape,
What are the primary grape variet...,
What is the name of the system of...
12  cards
Portugal & Port
What is the preferred soil type f...,
Which region of portugal is famou...,
What is the portuguese synonym fo...
6  cards
Fortified Wines - Other
Name six types of mistelle,
Where is pineau des cherentes pro...,
Where is floc de gascogne produced
15  cards
South America
0  cards
What is the difference between al...,
What are the key ingredients in m...,
The purpose of kilning in the bee...
7  cards
What is in a sazerac cocktail,
What is in a godfather cocktail,
Is vermouth an aperitif
30  cards
What are the ingredients of sake,
What is a sake brewery called,
In sake what does junmai mean
9  cards
Food & Wine Pairing
What is the word used to describe...,
A food high in acid pairs well wi...,
Fish pairs with what type of wine
25  cards
Wine Service
0  cards
0  cards
Where is considered the birthplac...
1  cards
0  cards
What is the smallest wine produci...,
What are the two main regions in ...,
What are the four noble grapes of...
6  cards

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