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In argentina the hot afternoon wi...,
Bodegas chacra focuses their prod...,
The first commercial vineyard in ...
14  cards
Australian appellation divisions,
How are regions and sub reagions ...,
Mataro is a synonym for which grape
58  cards
Early influencers of the developm...,
Weinbaugebitete from north to south
19  cards
Pilsner ale or lager,
Cascade simcoe saaz and hallertau...,
Munich helles ale or lager
49  cards
What grape variety is maipo valle...,
Casablanca valley is best known f...,
What region contains the maipo va...
33  cards
What is the base spirit in a caip...,
What does the italian word amaro ...,
Long island iced tea
50  cards
Diseases, Pests
Phytoplasma diseases,
Fungal diseases,
Young shoots develop dark brown s...
26  cards
England / Wales
Legally grapes for english wine m...,
Who or what is madeleine angevine,
English sparkling wine with the r...
9  cards
Europe Misc
In which country is the wine regi...,
I m tasting a lovely rebula at a ...,
Maratheftiko is a grape found in ...
10  cards
Manzanilla sherry can only be pro...,
Three principal soil types of the...,
Describe albariza soil
50  cards
France - Alsace
Which of the following grapes is ...,
Over two thirds of alsaces grand ...,
What is the capital of the haut rhin
20  cards
France - Bordeaux
Six red varietals allowed in bord...,
Seven white varietals allowed in ...,
Number of appellations in bordeaux
45  cards
France - Burgundy
Number of premier cru vineyards i...,
Year burgundy was classified,
Red and white burgundy
109  cards
France - Jura and Savoie
Where does jura get its name,
What are the three red grapes all...,
What are the primary white grapes...
17  cards
France - Loire
Saumur varietals,
Pays nantais aop,
Loire reds
38  cards
France - Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon
This region is the birthplace of ...,
Three quarters of provencal wine ...,
La londe pierrefeu sainte victoir...
35  cards
France - Rhone
What is the minimum alcohol conte...,
Syrah wines produced in the cote ...,
Fortified wines retain natural gr...
25  cards
The minimum actual alcohol conten...,
What does edelfaule indicate,
Pradikat levels
35  cards
Greece & Eastern Europe
The climate of santorini would be...,
Select the sea s that touch es th...,
The literal translation of xinoma...
37  cards
Italy - Northern & General
Northern italy regions,
Name three of the modernists in b...,
Barolo chinato
55  cards
Italy - Central
What is the minimum percentage of...,
Sagrantino di montefalco docg is ...,
Who produces redigaffi
51  cards
Italy - South
Etna rosso varietal region,
Varietal in taurasi docg taurasi ...,
22  cards
New Zealand
What region has a climate similar...,
Gisbornes quality wine production...,
Martinborough is a significant su...
16  cards
The portuguese wine region estrem...,
The marquis of pombal was instrum...,
What geographic feature forms the...
24  cards
Yamada nishiki
34  cards
Sparkling Wine
How many bottles does a gyropalat...,
Cremant de bourgogne,
Methode champenoise
26  cards
Which wine is named after its dan...,
What does cosecha mean on a spani...,
The blend is macabeo parellada an...
30  cards
South Africa
Tullbagh is a wine region in whic...,
What animals ate so many grapes t...,
Columella and secateurs are wines...
32  cards
Marc is produced in which country,
Grappa is produced in which country,
Orujo is produced in which country
44  cards
Tasting and Pairing
Table wine germany,
Table wine portugal
47  cards
Gustav niebaum winery,
Agoston haraszthy winery,
Andre tchelistcheff winery
80  cards
Varietal Synonyms
Beaunois synonym,
Steen synonym,
Feinburgunder synonym
18  cards
Viticulture / Vinification
Clay soil,
Speed of ripening,
Aroma vs bouquet
55  cards
Wine Faults
Wet cardboard wet newspaper inten...,
Vinyl wild game horse sweat paint,
Garlic cabbage onion
14  cards
St julian 2017,
Pauillac 2017,
St estephe 2017
48  cards
France - Champagne
Sr societe de recoltants,
Permitted methods of,
Vin de taille
40  cards

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