critical care med surg

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Burn NCLEX style Questions
When assessing a patient who spil...,
On admission to the burn unit a p...,
A patient is admitted to the burn...
31  cards
Burn Notes
Superficial partial thickness bur...,
Superficial partial thickness bur...,
Deep partial thickness burn signs...
81  cards
Critical Care NCLEX style questions
A patient who has been in the int...,
Which hemodynamic parameter best ...,
While close family members are vi...
40  cards
Critical Care: Airway Management Notes
What is the difference between a ...,
Endotracheal intubation et indica...,
How do you set the patient up for...
57  cards
Types of Ventilators
Assist control ventilation acv,
Synchronized intermittent mandato...,
Pressured support ventilation psv
12  cards
Heart Failure Notes
What are the two ways that can ca...,
2 main rf for hf,
Pathophysiology of left sided hf ...
53  cards
NCLEX Questions Heart Failure
While assessing an older adult pa...,
The nurse is caring for a patient...,
Which topic will the nurse plan t...
24  cards
Acute Intracranial Problems Notes
3 essential volume components of ...,
Primary injury,
Secondary injury
47  cards
NCLEX Questions Acute Intracranial Problems
Family members of a patient who h...,
Admission vital signs for a patie...,
When a brain injured patient resp...
40  cards
Acute Intracranial Problems - Modified SG
Calculate cpp,
Clinical manifestations of increa...,
Cushings triad
69  cards
Acute Respiratory Failure Notes
Acute respiratory failure arf def...,
Hypoxemic respiratory failure,
Hypercapnic respiratory failure
20  cards
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Notes
Acute respiratory distress syndro...,
3 stages of ards and clinical pro...,
Factors that determine course of ...
21  cards
NCLEX Acute Respiratory Failure and ARDS
Which diagnostic test will provid...,
While caring for a patient who ha...,
A patient with respiratory failur...
27  cards
Shock Notes
4 categories for shock,
Cardiogenic shock
70  cards
MODS- Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome & SIRS - Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Notes
Systemic inflammatory response sy...,
Mechanisms that can trigger sirs,
Multiple organ dysfunction syndro...
21  cards
A 78 kg patient in septic shock h...,
A nurse is caring for a patient w...,
A patient with massive trauma and...
29  cards
NCLEX Emergency and Disaster Nursing
During the primary assessment of ...,
During the primary survey of a pa...,
After the return of spontaneous c...
26  cards

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