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1.1 Integrate a theory of human psychological functioning and development
Integrate a theory of human psych...,
Integrate knowledge of human deve...,
Integrate knowledge of contextual...
4  cards
Autonomy dignity of all persons,
Excellence in professional practice,
7  cards
4.3 Apply safe and effective use of self in the therapeutic relationship
Apply safe and effective use of s...,
Recognize the impact of power dyn...,
Protect client from imposition of...
4  cards
4.4 Conduct an appropriate risk assessment
Conduct an appropriate risk asses...,
Develop safety plans with clients...,
Refer to specific professional se...
5  cards
4.5 Structure and facilitate the therapeutic process Structure the therapeutic process
Formulate an assessment,
Formulate a direction for treatme...,
Review therapeutic process and pr...
10  cards
4.6 Identify when and how to refer clients appropriately
Identify when and how to refer cl...
1  cards
4.7 Conduct an effective- closure process to end a course of therapy, appropriately
Conduct an effective closure proc...
1  cards
5.1 Access and apply a range of relevant professional Literature
Access current professional liter...,
Analyze information critically 51...,
Apply knowledge gathered to enhan...
3  cards
5.2 Use research findings to inform clinical practice
Use research findings to inform c...
1  cards
4.2 Establish and maintain an effective therapeutic relationship
Employ empathy respect and authen...,
Establish rapport,
Demonstrate awareness of the impa...
11  cards
4.1 Engage in psychotherapy with clients and maintain a professional frame for therapy
Describe therapist s education qu...,
Differentiate the role of the the...,
Explain the responsibilities of t...
6  cards
3.5 Provide reports to third parties
Prepare clear concise accurate an...,
Recognize ethical and legal impli...
2  cards
3.4 Obtain clinical supervision & consultation when necessary
Obtain clinical supervision consu...
1  cards
3.3 Maintain self-care and level of health necessary for responsible therapy
Maintain self care and level of h...
1  cards
3.2 Apply ethical decision making
Recognize ethical issues encounte...,
Resolve ethical dilemmas in a man...
2  cards
3.1 Comply with legal and professional obligations
Apply knowledge of pertinent fede...,
Apply knowledge of crpo legislati...,
Identify organizational policies ...
6  cards
2.2 Build and maintain effective relationships
Maintain appropriate professional...,
Recognize address conflict in a c...,
Demonstrate personal and professi...
4  cards
2.1 Use effective professional communication
Use clear and concise written ora...,
Use effective listening skills,
Recognize and respond appropriate...
3  cards
1.5 Integrate knowledge of human and cultural diversity in relation to psychotherapy practice
Recognize how oppression power an...,
Adapt the therapist s approach wh...
2  cards
1.4 Integrate awareness of self in relation to professional role
Integrate knowledge of the impact...,
Recognize how the therapist s val...,
Recognize the cognitive emotional...
4  cards
1.3 Integrate knowledge of comparative psychotherapy relevant to practice
Recognize the major diagnostic ca...,
Recognize the major classes of ps...,
Recognize the benefits limitation...
3  cards
1.2 Work within a framework based upon an established psychotherapeutic theory
Integrate knowledge of how human ...,
Integrate a theory of change cons...
2  cards

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