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Chemistry of enamel
aim: to understand the chemical structure of dental enamel as the background to the aetiology of caries objectives: recognise the structure of calcium hydroxyapatite to understand the apatite structure in terms of foreign ion substitutions the recognise the variations in the chemical composition of the dental enamel in relation to development and eventually disease
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Chemistry of enamel caries
1. To understand the chemical changes occurring in dental enamel during caries, against the background of enamel chemistry. 2. To understand how the chemistry of enamel caries is related to therapeutic measures such as fluoride and calcium-based technologies.
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to review development and clinical significance of calculus distinguish between supra and sub calc in terms of location distribution formation anf composition appearance morphology describe diagnosis clinical significance
32  cards
Enamel and dentine caries structure
to outline the mechanism of underlying progression of enamel and dentine to examine the microstructure of both enamel and dentine and how it affects the carious process to draw comparison between two tissues to outline the physiocochemical process by which caries cause destruction to outline the pulp-dentine complex and how it provides a limited defence mechanism to examine the structure of a typical tooth surface enamel caries lesion and an occlusal pit lesion
115  cards
radiography of Caries
awareness of different methods of caries diagnosis know what caries looks like on a radiograph be aware of the problems with caries diagnosis on a radiograph familiarity with guidance relating to recall intervals for radiographs of caries diagnosis
69  cards
Tooth Wear
the aetiology and clinical presentations of toothwear/ non carious tooth tissue loss the diagnosis of early management of patient with toothwear with a focus on prevention and management
51  cards
The Role Of Fluoride In Caries Management
What concentration of fluoride ha...,
If water is fluoridated what conc...,
What does dmft mean
52  cards
Dietary advice for caries prevention
identify the key factors in dietary that intake that causes caries to use the toolkit messages in the prevention of caries
23  cards
the management of deep caries
Give an example of a basic treatm...,
What treatment can be involved in...,
What steps can be included in cor...
44  cards
histology of enamel e lecture
What is the strength of enamel like,
What does enamel rely on for its ...,
What is enamel made from
45  cards
histoloy of dentine and pulp e lec
How can dentine be studied,
What are ground sections,
What are demineralised sections
68  cards
intraoral radiographic anatomy e lecture
aims: to recognise normal radiographic anatomical features in the maxilla and mandible on radiographic film be aware of normal variations
66  cards
intra oral radiogrpahic anatomy e lec pictures
What does this image show,
What is this pointing to,
What is the issue with this image
40  cards
optimisation in radiography e lec
to look at methods of dose reduction in radiography
71  cards
quality assurance radiology e lec
What is quality assurance,
Why is important with quality ass...,
Why do we do qa
77  cards
writing radiographic reports e lecture
What must the legal person provide,
What should happen if there is no...,
What will the extent of the repor...
15  cards
clinical aspects of composite
understand chemistry look at clinical techniques understand shortcomings understand clinical indications
58  cards
clinical aspects of GIC
What is silicate cement,
What are the disadvantages of sil...,
What was the best restorative mat...
58  cards
clinical aspects of amalgam
Components and chemistry ◦ Properties ◦ Relating properties to clinical use ◦ Compare with other materials ◦ Safety
41  cards
aesthetics principles in dentistry and the anterior incisal edge restoration
What are the factors that contrib...,
What is the recommended thickness...,
What is greater asymmetry related to
26  cards
Intro to occlusion
What is occlusion,
If the patients bite does not fee...,
What can go wrong with occlusion
32  cards
trauma to incisors
How many 15 year olds suffer from...,
What type of trauma is common,
How do we manage trauma cases
62  cards
physical and mechanical properties e lec
we will discuss strength - different modes stress fatigue ware and hardness fracture toughness impact strength aesthetics
56  cards
the failure of directly placed restorations
Why do we restore teeth,
What is the median survival rate ...,
What is the annual failure rate o...
30  cards
Fissure sealants and preventative resin restorations
To describe the rationale for fissure sealants (FSs) and preventative resin restorations (PRRs). • To outline the evidence that supports their use in clinical practice. • To explain the steps in placement.
24  cards
resin based materials and fissure sealants e lec
understand dental metals as an adhesive and as a protective varnish layer
66  cards
intro to polymers e lec
definitions polymerisation properties such as shrinkage molecular mass structure thermal
59  cards
tooth coloured resto materials 1: resin and bonding materials
What are the properties were look...,
What is a composite,
What is the purpose of composite
76  cards
tooth coloured filling materials 2
What are examples of cements,
What can cements be,
Describe glass polyalkenoates
51  cards
dental amalgam e lec
What is amalgam,
Which industries is amalgam used in,
How is gold extracted
52  cards
metals and alloys e lec
What is amalgam,
What is amalgam composed of,
What is a metal
11  cards
biocompatibility e lec
to introduce the concept of biocompatibility and the relevance to dentistry
68  cards
Endodontology: understanding the science
What it endodontology,
What is endodontics,
What do we need to consider as we...
19  cards
clinical endodontology part 1
Overview of Endodontology and Endodontics Review how the disease process influences treatment methods Discuss the technicalities of undertaking root canal treatment
49  cards
endodontology part 2
What are the steps of root canal ...,
Why do we use ca oh2 during tempo...,
Give examples of steroid based dr...
49  cards
endodontic instruments and materials E lec
Give examples of endodontic instr...,
For endo treatment on a upper cen...,
With regards to an upper molar wh...
47  cards
Dental paper charting
What is the purpose of dental cha...,
What are the consequences of poor...,
How long do we need to retain pat...
32  cards
treatment planning
What are we aiming for with treat...,
What makes a good treamtment plan,
How to we form a diagnosis
50  cards
treatment planning part 2
What is the plan of treatment,
When do we review the treatment,
What does the stabilisation proce...
21  cards
panoramic radiography
What is panoramic radiography,
What is the greyscale is dependan...,
What is tomography
27  cards
health and disease in the population e lecture
What does epidemiology mean,
How do we find out about oral hea...,
What does who define epidemiology as
64  cards
recession and dentine hypersensitivity
To enable the student to understand the aetiology, diagnosis and management of gingival recession and dentine hypersensitivity. Define gingival recession and dentine hypersensitivity Describe prevalence and aetiology Understand the possible consequences of recession including dentine hypersensitivity
63  cards
restorations and perio health
What is the definitions of biolog...,
What is the equation for biologic...,
What is the approx measurement of...
29  cards
Radiography of perio disease
What are radiographs used for,
What do we use to come to a diagn...,
How do we see if the periodontium...
53  cards
systemic risk factors part 1
to develop understanding of tobacco smoking and stress as a risk factor for perio disease
62  cards
systemic risk factors part 2
What is the definition of diabetes,
What is diabetes characterised by,
What does chronic hyperglycaemia ...
75  cards
Microbiology of caries 1
to review the microbial aetiology of caries and provide context for preventative approach objectives: revisit properties of dental biofilm review the methods to characterise the oral microbiome assess the evidence for the role of micro-organisms in caries describe the main causative bacteria define the properties of cariogenic bacteria
90  cards
Microbiology of caries 2
compare current hypothesis relating plaque to caries understand rationale against preventative strategies
48  cards
Locally delivered antimicrobials in perio
What is the evidence for bacteria...,
What is the mechanical therapy of...,
What are the limitations of mecha...
15  cards
systemic antimicrobials and perio disease part 1
to discuss the rationale for adjunctive antimicrobial therapy in perio disease
82  cards
Systemic antimicrobials part 2
to refresh new 2017 classification of periodontitis and revisit aggressive periodontitis and management introduce case and different forms and features concept of staging and grading
48  cards
Gingival Recession and Dentine Hypersensitivity
What is gingival recession,
Where does the gingival man lion ...,
How many adults age 30 suffer fro...
85  cards

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