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anatomy and function of the digestive tract
Outline the components of the digestive system from proximal to distal and describe their main functions Understand what is meant by the term ‘peritoneum’ Describe the regions of the abdominal cavity
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oral mucosa structure
What types of oral muccosa are th...,
What are the layers in epithelium,
What cells does the basal layer o...
28  cards
Gut mucosa in health and disease
What are the functions of the git,
What does the upper git consist of,
What does the lower git consist of
123  cards
lipid digestion, absorption and transport
What are the three major classifi...,
What are triglycerides,
What are steroids
69  cards
carbohydrate digestion, absorption and blood sugar homeostasis
What are the two forms of starch,
What are the differences between ...,
What enzyme digests the amylose a...
55  cards
carbohydrate and lipids structure function and nutrition
What is a carbohydrate,
Describe a carbohydrate,
How are carbohydrates formed prim...
108  cards
acute and chronic inflammation part 1
A broad understanding of inflammation in terms of historical discovery and identification, functions and context within the body, types of inflammation, contributing components. The mechanisms of acute inflammation.
78  cards
Inflammation part 2
What are the 5 steps of the infla...,
What is the first line of defence...,
How many kinds of receptors do de...
127  cards
Biology and the Molecular biology of Cancers
Objectives: To examine: the prevalence of cancer the lifestyle causes of cancer possible approaches to cancer prevention the cellular basis of cancer
70  cards
Biology and the molecular biology of cancer II
Aim-To try to understand the molecular mechanisms leading to cancer. Objectives: To identify common oncogenes To examine different classes of oncogenes. The link with specific types of cancer. The role of viruses in cancer.
103  cards
Proteopathic diseases and amelogensis imperfecta
What is the definition of proteop...,
What usually happens to the prote...,
Why is the misfiled state dangerous
50  cards
Proteopathic diseases and amelogensis imperfecta II
What is amelogensis imperfecta,
What is the prevalence of ai,
How can ai also be present
62  cards
Bisphosphonates and Bone
why and how does bone remodel? how do antiresorptives work? what are the problems? how is this relevant to dentistry?
65  cards
Concept of a balanced diet (including dietary reference values, energy requirements, BMR, etc) Concept of a balanced diet (including dietary reference values, energy requirements, BMR, etc)
i) Describes what is meant by a nutritionally adequate (balanced) diet ii) Appreciate how dietary advice is communicated to the public iii) Appreciate the importance food and supplement labelling iv) Appreciate food energy and energy requirements In addition: learning without spoon feeding – a gentle introduction.
64  cards
carbohydrate metabolism glycolysis and the TCA
What is an anabolic pathway,
What is a catabolic pathway,
What is oxidation
60  cards
anaerobic metabolism- regulation of glycolysis and the TCA finish
What is the equation for the brea...,
What do we call a molecule that l...,
What do we call a molecule that g...
55  cards
electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation
What does oxidative phosphorylati...,
What processes can atp help with,
What is the cellular atp concentr...
80  cards
Glycogen breakdown
What other types of fuels are pre...,
What is protein broken down into,
What is triacylglycerol broken do...
92  cards
Glycogen Synthesis
What are excess carbohydrates sto...,
What molecule is surplus glucose ...,
What is the process of glycogenesis
42  cards
Catabolism of fatty acids- beta oxidation
What are fatty acids,
What are triacylglycerols,
What is created during the oxidat...
36  cards
Synthesis of fatty acids
What is fatty acid synthesis not ...,
Where does fatty acid synthesis o...,
What are the reductants in fatty ...
49  cards
pentose phosphate pathway
Why is it important,
Which molecule is used in catabolism,
Which molecule is used in anabolism
45  cards
nutrition and periodontal disease
Why is nutrition important,
What does the rapid turnover of c...,
What is nutrigenomics
57  cards
Vitamins E lec
Why is vitamin k important,
Why are babies given vitamin k at...,
What is the rni of vitamin k in t...
77  cards
minerals e lecture
Why are minerals important,
When can mineral deficiency occur,
Which minerals are macrominerals
91  cards
Amino Acid Metabolism
How many naturally occurring amin...,
How many naturally occurring amin...,
Which amino acids need to be obta...
68  cards
water soluble vitamins- vitamin c and b complex
functions of water soluble vitamins recognise groups at risk of vitamin deficiency effect of the deficiency of water soluble vitamins on general and oral health interactions between different vitamins and the effect on medications on inducing vitamin deficiency
76  cards
physiology of blood
RBC- function, production,destruction,morphology and associated disease WBC- function production and morphology platelets clotting and disorders blood groups plasma function and components
128  cards
blood borne viruses
hepatitis CJD and HIV modes of transmission risks prevention relevance to dentistry
82  cards
obesity and oral health
What is the number of obese peopl...,
What is obesity linked to,
How much more likely are obese pe...
41  cards
Atherosclerosis thrombosis and embolism
we will cover atherosclerosis thrombosis and emboli types of risk factors development treatment prevention ischaemia and infarction shock
73  cards
nutrition and caries
What is pre eruption effects,
What is post eruption effects,
What might dietary components cause
39  cards
Vitamin D, Calcium Homeostasis and Biomineralisation
How is vitamin d made,
What supplement amount shall we t...,
What can high doses of vitamin d ...
35  cards
abnormal bleeding
What is defined as abnormal,
What are the effects of blood loss,
What is haemostasis
5  cards
Eating Disorders
What are the different types of e...,
What is the relevance of eating d...,
What are the diagnostic features ...
30  cards
Disinfection and decontamination
What is contamination,
What is decontamination,
What type of equipment is reusable
30  cards
An overview of structure and function of Oral Mucosa
What is the oral mucosa,
Name parts of the oral mucosa,
What are the differenced between ...
116  cards
Bisphosphonates and bone COPY
What is the composition of bone,
Function of osteoclastsfunction o...,
What are the key hormones in bone...
17  cards

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