cset social science subtest #2

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0001 Pre-Revolutionary Era and the War for Independence (SMR 2.1)
About how many different tribes a...,
What is a clovis point,
What is a popular theory for how ...
131  cards
0002 The Development of the Constitution and the Early Republic (SMR 2.2)
What was the government like in v...,
What was the house of burgesses a...,
What was the government like in p...
56  cards
0003 The Emergence of a New Nation (SMR 2.3)
How long have political parties b...,
What were the first political par...,
What polarizing issue abroad caus...
175  cards
0004 Civil War and Reconstruction (SMR 2.4)
What were the strengths of the un...,
What were the weaknesses of the u...,
What were the 1863 ny race riots
75  cards
0005 The “Gilded Age” (SMR 2.5)
In summary how did the new indust...,
What happened to factories that b...,
What issues arose with factories ...
112  cards
0006 The U.S. as a World Power (SMR 2.6)
How did the monroe doctrine chang...,
What was an extension of the monr...,
What was the roosevelt corollary
87  cards
0007 The 1920s (SMR 2.7)
What political shift occurred aft...,
Who were the republican president...,
When the republican party came in...
63  cards
0008 The Great Depression and the New Deal (SMR 2.8)
What was the great depression,
What did the 1920s economy look l...,
Why was the economic structure of...
67  cards
0009 World War II (SMR 2.9)
What 4 factors led to wwii and us...,
Why did german humiliation after ...,
What countries experienced the ri...
110  cards
0010 Post-World War II America (SMR 2.10)
What domestic policies shaped the...,
The gi bill of rights was also kn...,
What was the serviceman readjustm...
18  cards
0011 Post-World War II U.S. Foreign Policy (SMR 2.11)
What was trumans foreign policy l...,
What two countries became opposin...,
After wwii why was there a power ...
79  cards
0012 Civil Rights Movement (SMR 2.12)
When did the civil rights movemen...,
What famous separate but equal su...,
What inspired presidents during t...
44  cards

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cset social science subtest #2

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