ddc july 2021 kkdu50

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Decks in this class (15)

Cameron v r,
R v collister,
R v taisalika
47  cards
Evolution of the Offence
Mens rea,
Actus reus,
Conspiracy 310 1
22  cards
Serious Assaults
Wounding with intents188 1 ca 196...,
Wounding with intent to injure s1...,
Injuring with intent to cause gbh...
16  cards
Children & Young Persons
S214 ot act 1989,
S215 ot act 1989,
S218 ot act 1989
5  cards
Search & Surveillence Act 2012
Definition of unlawfully at large,
Definition of evidential material,
What is the threshold for general...
21  cards
Dishonestly takes obtains a docum...,
Dishonestly uses or attempts to u...,
Obtains by deceptions240 1 a ca61...
19  cards
Child Protection
When does the child protection pr...,
What is the criteria for child pr...,
What is sexual abuse in relation ...
14  cards
Arsons267 1 a ca 1961 ingredients,
Arsons267 1 b ca 1961 ingredients,
Arsons267 1 c ca 1961 ingredients
20  cards
Abduction / Kidnapping
Abduction for purposes of marriag...,
Kidnappings209 ca61 ingredients,
Abduction of young person under 1...
31  cards
Robberys234 1 ca61 10yrs ingredients,
Aggravated robberys235 a ca61 14y...,
Aggravated robberys235 b ca61 14y...
34  cards
Drug Dealing
What is a class a controlled drug,
What is a class b controlled drug,
What is a class c controlled drug
30  cards
Sexual Offences
Sexual violation by rapes128 1 a ...,
Sexual violation by unlawful sexu...,
Assault with intent to commit sex...
33  cards
Who do asa procedures apply to,
What are the time frames for asa ...,
What are the key process points i...
3  cards
Discharging a firearm or doing da...,
Discharging a firearm or doing da...,
Using any firearm against law enf...
20  cards
What is a victim s4 vra 2002,
What is a specified offence s29 v...,
Who can be registered on the vict...
3  cards

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