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Orientation to Dentistry Chapters 1-5
Ada c,
45  cards
Anatomy + Physiology Chapters 6 -7
What is anatomy,
Anatomical position is___,
Superior inferior
94  cards
Head + Neck Anatomy Chapter 9
The maxillary has 2 main branches...,
The 3 smaller nerve branches off ...,
Psa stands for
77  cards
Embryology + Histology Chapter 8-10 Test
Ectoderm forms enamel with what c...,
Mesoderm forms what 3 things,
Odontoblasts form what
108  cards
Tooth Morphology Chapter 11, 12, 28
Morphology is the,
Tooth morphology is the,
Which dental arch is stationary
76  cards
Oral Pathology Chapter 13,14,17,19
A sign is when,
Symptom is,
153  cards
Med Emergency Chapter 27,29,31
What are the 4 vital signs,
Factors that influence vital sign...,
What is an emotional influence
140  cards
Diagnostic Record Chapter 26&27
Patient dental records must be,
What are 3 record keeping principles,
Dental records are ____ and ___ d...
135  cards
Enviromental Health & Safety Chapters 23,23,24
Recommendations are made by ___ a...,
Regulations have ___ and are made...,
114  cards
Prevention of disease transmission - Chapter 18-21
What is microbiology,
John tyndall discovered that prol...,
Tyndallization is
95  cards
Dental Materials Chapters 43-46
What has to be done prior for den...,
Etching a tooth is to remove,
Bonding agents should be cured for
164  cards
Dental Radiography - History & Physics (1)
Who was the father of xrays,
When were x rays first discovered,
The x in xrays was used to name t...
151  cards
Dental Radiology - Xray films (2)
What are the 4 components of a tr...,
Film base is made of a thin plast...,
The adhesive layer attaches emuls...
108  cards
Dental Radiology - Paralleling and Bisecting (2)
The bisecting technique requires ...,
What is the rule of isometry,
The long axis of the tooth is the
73  cards
Dental Radiology - Landmarks, Digital, + Film Processing (3)
What is digital imaging,
How are sensors used for digital ...,
Digital imaging produces images t...
107  cards
dental materials clinic evaluation
Dycal is made of,
The cavity liner that is used for...,
Properties of dycal
17  cards
Pharmacology Chapters 30 + 37
What is pharmacology,
Organic drugs are,
Marijuana is a ____ drug
135  cards
Clinical Dentistry - Instrument Identification
Angle formers are used in a downw...,
The double working ends of an ang...,
A chisel is used to ____ enamel a...
116  cards
Endodontics Chapter 54
Endodontic treatment is aka,
Physical irritation is caused by ...,
What s an example of pulpal nerve...
72  cards
Periodontics Chapter 55
What is periodontics,
Periodontium are the supporting t...,
What is the main cause of periodo...
79  cards
Oral Surgery Chapter 56 + 53
What are the 3 category s of extr...,
Preventative extraction removes t...,
Two types of dental extraction
79  cards
Instrument ID & Functions
Mouth mirrors are used for __ __ ...,
What instrument is used for tacti...,
Cotton forceps are used to carry ...
43  cards
Pediatric + Orthodontic Chapters 57,60
What layout do pediatric and orth...,
Chronological age refers to,
Mental age is the
51  cards
Specialty instrument Id functions
An endodontic explorer has a long...,
Endodontic spoon excavators are l...,
Spreader and pluggers are used to
54  cards
Prosthodontics Chapter 50
What are examples of a fixed pros...,
Prosthesis is a,
Dental prosthesis is a
65  cards
Preventive Dentistry + Nutrition Chapters 13,14,15,58,59
Caries is another word to describe,
What are the two bacterias within...,
Excessive sugar intake is indicat...
107  cards
Oral Self Care
What brushing technique is the mo...,
Expectoration means too,
Oral self care is also referred t...
28  cards
Sealants, Caries, & Perio Disease
What kind of infection is carie s,
A localized post eruptive patholo...,
What two bacterias cause carie s
44  cards
Plaque, Stains, & Coronal Polish
What is acquired pellicle,
Bacterial colonization on tooth s...,
49  cards
What is fluorapatie composed of,
How is fluoride absorbed in the b...,
Pre eruptive stage mineralization...
32  cards
Bite Registration and Alginate
What are the components of alginate,
Calcium sulfate reacts with the p...,
Diatomaceous earth and zinc oxide...
23  cards
Auxillarys Duties
What are cavity liners used for,
Where is a cavity liner placed,
Does cavity liners replace varnis...
29  cards
Phase II Final
How is plaque formed,
After plaque is formed what does ...,
The rate of ___ being faster than...
283  cards
Phase II final part 2
Mallows hierarchy of needs rank f...,
What does mallows theory indicate
2  cards
Anesthetic Delivery
Which nerve is innervated when wo...,
What is the buccal nerve block us...,
The inferior alveolar nerve block...
12  cards

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